Best Exercise For Double Bum

HOW TO GET RID OF A DOUBLE CHIN facial exercises for women and men loose skin tone saggy jaw

Hi it's Tracy, today our workout is something very different so we are going to be focusing, and not on your body but on your face (your face) so , specifically double chins, so this was was actually requested for me on so, if you have any requests, I just want to say I love hearing from you whether it be on or on Facebook, make sure that your following me and I try to answer absolutely everyone that I can so if you have any requests for tutorials, make sure to let me know so this was a request I got on YouTube which was for the double chin

so there are many causes for a double chin, first is genetics, certain people are a little more predisposed to having a saggy or double chin the other thing is age, your skin looses some elasticity and then you sorta get that jiggly chin situation and thirdly could be weight gain, which would give you a little more fat underneath your chin if you have a major weight loss, your body might be in great shape but you still have a little jiggle going on here so rather than going under the knife, here are five exercises that you can do, so the first being just lifting your chin up just lift your chin to the ceiling feel that stretch and then back let's do that again and lift up and back, again just like any other exercise, keep your shoulders down your back

and you should feel that stretch, this is also a super important exercise because and I am the worst at this as well, we're always on our phones, we're always on our computers we're always staring at devices which makes our head go forward, which means you're not getting any stretch and these muscles start getting slack so this is really important that you look up, ok so you do that 10 times and then then, i'm gonna look crazy, you're gonna take your teeth and stick your bottom teeth over your top teeth very cute, righté Do the same thing lifting your head up 10 times, you'll feel a little bit more forwardpulling that muscle up shoulders down

so 10 like that, then we're gonna do little smoochies, little kisses lift your chin up and then kiss the ceiling here really exaggerate like MUAH! you should feel all those muscles so you'll do 10 in the center so say we did 10 then then your going to go diagonally up here, shoulders down and same thing you feel that you'll get a little pull happening here 10 on one side and you guessed it, 10 on the other side

so a great time to do this would be at the end of the day, maybe when taking off your makeup just do some of your facial exercises then, this is one that my mother used to do all the time (Yay for mom) I remember seeing her do this when I was little, she would do the vowels A, E, I, O, U up at the ceiling, so I have such flashbacks when I do this, so A, E, I, O, U and you can just do that 5 10 times, same thing A (giggle), E, I, O, U okay so you don't have to sing it like that, but it makes it a little bit more fun

so now the last one is you're gonna turn your head to the side and stick your tongue straight out as as far as you can and I have to say I can totally rock Miley Cyrus on this (giggle) or Gene Simmons so you get your Gene Simmons moment here so turn your head to the side, stick your tongue straight out and we're going to count to 10 and i'll just do it with my fingers and you should feel that stretch ok, your tongue is going straight out, don't be scared (giggle)

8 Minute Butt Workout TOTAL GLUTE BURN

Hey, you guys! I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I have a quick glute workout for you to do. Come on, let's go! Set your timers for eight rounds, ten secondsof rest, and 50 seconds of work. If you want to double this, please do, if you have thetime. 16 rounds, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds of work. We're going to start off on the ground.We're going to do a ceiling stomp. So, you're going to get on all fours – wedon't need this yet – and you're going to put one foot up and you're going to stompthe ceiling. It's just a small movement. Your knee isn't coming down that far. I don'twant this swinging motion.

Just stay right here and hold it and squeezeit. That is exercise number one. So you'll do that for 50 seconds. Number two, we'regoing to switch legs and you'll do the same thing. Just make sure you contract it andgo as high as you can. Number three, now we're going to need thissucker. You're going to get on your back and you're going to put this across your hips.Knees bent, you're going to put one foot up in the air and you're going to drop and lift.So you're going to push through your heel. That's it. Your toes can even come up off the ground.You're going to just go up, down. Okayé Then

exercise number four, we're going to switchand you'll do the same thing. Keep the weight across your hips and thrust your hips up intothe air, pushing through your heel. That burns. Okay, then we're going to hold the squat.So for 50 seconds I want you to hold a squat. If you would like to use weight you can. You'rejust going to hold it, just here, for 50 seconds. If it starts to get hard, drop the weight,get back down and hold it. Then, because it's now about to get reallyhard, we're going to do squat pulses. Now it's a small movement up and down. That isnumber six. So number five, you're holding the squat. Number six, you're doing squatpulses. Number seven, plan kick ups. I love

this exercise. On your elbows you're going to kick your footup to the air, point your toe, and hold it for just a second. Then alternate. Your lastexercise is Superman. I like this one because it targets your glutes, and also up here,and strengthens your back. So, what you want to do is extend your armsand your legs, and you're going to squeeze it at the top for just s second, and thenrelease. Then up, release. Those are your eight exercises. Good job! All right, I hopeyou guys enjoyed that. That is a burner for sure, even in just eight minutes.

If you'd like to double the workout then setyour timer for 16 rounds and you can get double the burn. Awesome job you guys! I will seeyou next time. I am Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXforWomen .

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