Best Exercise For Rounded Buttocks

How to Get a Round Booty Best Butt Workout

Hi everybody! Here's 3 exercises you cando at home with no equipment to build a round booty. You're going to start with reverse lunges,alternating legs. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, I want you to do 1015 reps per leg. From there, I want you to go into curtsy lunges.

Same thing: 1015 reps per leg. Instead of going back, you're bringing your other leg out to the side. You want to feel a big stretch, big burn in the bootyon this side. Now on this side. From there, you're going to bounce on oneleg, hinge forward from the hips. Touch the ground. Stand all the way back up without puttingyour other foot down.

Alternating legs, it's going to go 1015reps per side. Once you've done that, you're going to add it together. Reverse lunge, curtsy lunge, balance on one foot, touch the ground. Staying on the same leg

1015 times per exercise. Now that you know how to get a round booty, give this tutorial a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel. Thankyou.

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