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Jen Selter Workout Routine For Jens Butt Tutorials jen selter workout

squat parts begin standing with yourlegs wider than shoulderwidth apart toes turned out in your arms straightout in front of you squat down and keep your knees in line with your toessqueeze your abs tight and keep your back straight stay in squat position inpops up and down raising and lowering your about six inches or so each time post ten times before relaxing andstanding the trick is to stay in squat position on till the end don't stand up until you are finishedrepeat 15 times and you three sets of

these danke kicks start on all fourshands shoulderwidth apart keeping your right foot Flaxton leg band raise yourright leg and Prince euro toward the ceiling until your foot is directlyabove your butt squeeze your glutes and slowly return to starting position butkeep your me off the ground repeat this fifteen times and thenswitch legs squad kick start standing with your legs wider than hip widthapart on your toes slightly turned out with your arms straight in front of youlower yourself into a squat until your butt has just been a height of yourknees make sure your knees stay behind

your toes when you squat if your kneesreach past your toes widen your stance a little bit next stand back up and whenyou reach starting position lift your left leg as high as you can directly tothe side of you lower your leg back to the ground with control repeat 10 timesand switch legs do three sets of these church camps grab a chair preferably atall chair and face it away from you stand in arm's length behind the chairwith your feet together and grab the back of the seat with both hands forbalanced leaned forward slightly and lift your right leg directly behind youkeeping your knees straight but not

locked squeeze your glutes and make sureto square your hips with the chair don't open your head to the side when you getbehind raise your leg as high as you can and then lower leg with control andreturn to the starting position repeat this move ten times and switchlegs do two sets of these doggie hydrant start on all fours handsshoulderwidth Amitabh width apart keeping your feet flexed and the bandopen your left leg out to the side until your inner thigh is parallel with thefloor squeeze your glutes and your abs and return to the starting position withyour me only slightly off the floor

repeat this fifteen times and thenswitch legs.

Butt Workout Cardio 1 Bootcamp 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

and today's workout is a calorie scorching butt tightening thirty fifteen cardio workout. what is thirty fifteené we're going to do fifteen exercises back to back with fifteen seconds of rest in between thirty seconds each exercise. Sounds complicated. I'll make it easy. The only equipment you'll need is a bottle of water and a little determination. so grab it and lets get started. first exercise we're going to do is side steps okay just follow me, these are old school

just side step like this. Half way through we are going to take it down lower, okayé and keep it going, keep it moving. This is really good at getting your heart rate going, moving and getting your legs burning that's all old school side steps are really easy. Take it down lower keep it wide get those legs moving we're going to move right into the second one

okay now the second exercise is going to be basically high knees you can actually make it a high knee with a jump if you want to up the intensity a little bit and burn more calories, okayé so here we go. Ready to get startedé High knees, bring it up. Bring it up. or you can pull it down engage your abs keep your abs contracted and your stomach tight

if you want to bring it down, just do regular knee lifts just like that remember to breathe, I always forget to breathe when I'm working out breathing is important alright, ready to kick it outé and, the next exercise is kung foo kicks. One knee kick to the side. One knee and kick to the side, okayé After that, we're going to do the other leg and kick to the side, okayé

let's get started and here we go. And knee and kick. Knee and kick. Perfect. Breathe. it's easy to forget. the idea here is to get that knee up as high as you can. Keep your abs contracted and just kick right to the side kind of like that. Perfect. one leg over and over again. Again this is just to get

the calories burning here that's all we're trying to do. And, breathe it out fifteen seconds of rest and we have the next side. Remember we're going to do the other leg. Knee lift and kick to the other side Knee lift, kick. Knee and kick you ready to goé Now here we go! And knee lift kick it

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