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Leg Workouts For Men The Big Tree Trunk Leg Workout

Hey, what's going on, guysé Troy here withWeightGainNetwork . We got the highly anticipated Tree Trunk Leg workout. I know you guys havebeen really eager to get an awesome leg workout from me, so I got a killer leg workout calledTree Trunk workout, because it's gonna focus on our quadriceps and our hamstrings. It'sdeveloping the two most important lower body muscle groups. So, this is an awesome Tubefor a lot of you beginners, who aren't confident and go really heavy on the squat and the deadliftyet because we have a lot of isolation and shaper exercises for the hamstring and thequadriceps and the hip flexors and it will give you guys a base strength so you don'tedge yourself going really heavy on the squat

and the dead lift. So, let me dive right intothe Tree Trunk Leg workout and see how it'll get you guys really strong on your quads andyour hamstrings. So, let's get right into it. All right, guys. First step. We've got anawesome quadricep exercise. We've got the leg extension machine. Now, I know you guysdo this exercise a lot, but we're gonna throw a little different advanced variation to it.We're gonna do a rest pause set with this. So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go10 reps, fairly heavy on the first set, we're gonna rest for 20 seconds, and then we'regonna go till failure on the second set. So,

you wanna you wanna pick a weight withthat first set, you're pretty close to failure at around 10, and that second set, you'reable to lift between 5 and 8. So, here's how it works. And another thing. If you're reallyfocusing on growing a muscle, you wanna keep your reps slow, in control. You wanna contractthat muscle, back down slow. So, you wanna be close to failure with that first set. Takesome deep breaths. Count to about 1520 seconds in your head. You are mentally prepared togo all out. The second set is so important once this rest pause starts to go all out.So, let's go for 6 here. That's not the rest pause. That was all so much harder than justdoing, you know, 34 sets, and then resting

2 minutes between. If you guys really wannashock your legs, shock any muscle into growth, try out the rest pause strategy. All right. Next step. We've got the singleleg. Some weird country in Europe dead lift, all right some people call it Russian, Bulgarian I don't know what the hell you call it but it is the single leg. Stiff leg dead lift.So, I'm gonna focus on each hamstring. This is an awesome isolation exercise, so if youguys are strong enough to go really heavy on the dead lift yet, it's gonna strengtheneach hamstring. So, let me demonstrate how to do it. You wanna hold the weight, so ifI'm going on my left side I'm going on my

left hamstring I should say I wanna holdthe weight in my right hand. So, new exercise that will work for your balance too. So, youwanna bring this leg back. Keep your leg straight. Okay. pause If you guys aren't flexibleenough to go far down at times, your muscles are tired then. And that's all. That's howit looks. Switch sides. And that's how that looks. Huhé So, awesome exercise isolatingeach hamstring. Each half is prepared for those really heavy dead lifts. All right, guys. Third part of the leg workout.We're gonna get right into the Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat. This is one of the most challengingleg exercises. I'm gonna focus on our hip

flexors, focus on one quadricep at a time.So, you wanna put one foot behind you, and you wanna keep your knee right over your toe.You wanna have slow control, and back up. Switch legs. All right, guys. Fourth part of the leg workout.We're gonna do weighted dumbbell stepups. We're gonna be engaging our hip flexors, reallynailing our quads. Now, we're gonna transition right into a weighted dumbbell lunge. I'mjust gonna walk down a straight line. I'm gonna go for six on each leg. So, let me demonstrate.So, you wanna pick a stepup box. We're You're at about 90 degrees when you take a step upon. So, drive leg up to here.

Leg Strength Workout JUST 2 EXERCISES

What's up guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So today, let's do something a little bitdifferent. Let's take you behind the scenes of one of my workouts and actually bring youinside my head. It could actually be a pretty scary placeto be, I promise you but if you're in there you'll also see what my mentality is whenI'm attacking my workout. And I think that when you're working out youshould have a focus mentality on what you're doing. Have a game plan.

And for my Leg Workout today it's actuallypretty easy. While there might be a lot of thoughts up here, there's not a lot of thoughtson what I'm doing. I'm only doing two exercises, the Deadliftand the Bulgarian Split Squat. Two of my favorite. The Deadlift I'm looking at is more of a PosteriorChain Leg exercise. And again, I always feel it's a Leg exercisebecause you're pushing primarily off the ground and then finishing with your Glutes. And then of course my favorite Quad exercise,the one legged athletic, very athletic Bulgarian Split Squat.

So I'm going to take you through, I'm justgoing to talk my way through the Workout and give you the thoughts that were in my headat each step so that you might be able to grab somethingor grasp something from them, ok. So let's start right here with the Deadlift. Ok so the first thing that you'll notice isthat I don't have sneakers on and I've talked about in the past my flat feet, my flipperlike flat feet. But in this case when doing the Deadlift Iactually think it really helps me. Because you're going to want to have as muchfeel of the ground as possible to execute

the initial part of the lift in the Deadlift. Remember this is a pushing exercise for thefirst third of the movement. And you're basically doing a Standing Leg Press. So you want to be able to feel the ground,grab as much force out of that ground as you can and transfer it up through your body andthat's what I do. Now the second thing is before I even initiatea rep, I actually try to grease the groove. And I think it's really important that youtry to do this. If you have any mental cues that you use inany of your Lifts to make you perform them

more efficiently, then do them as a pre liftroutine. And I do that here all the time with my lighterLifts, especially as I'm just getting started in the Workout. So I think there's two parts to the Deadlift.We've covered in another tutorial, all about this. There's a Hip Hinge until your hands are atthe level of your knees and from there simply release your knees and let your body dropdown to the ground, with maintaining that same amount of Hip Hinge.

The last thing I want you to notice is onthese sub strength reps, I don't go for a lot of reps because that's wasting my time. And if your goal, as mine is in this workout,is to improve your strength, you should be trying to do higher quality reps with a lotof weight, as opposed to lifting and accumulating massvolume with lower weight. These 135 pound reps are far away from theproductive reps that I'm going to need to be focusing on in this workout. Ok next I loaded up to 225 and again veryvery simple the goal here is the same. The

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