Big Bump On Head From Fall


Aaaaand hello everybody Mudja here And welcome to a new tutorial and today we're playing something totally diferent. We're playing a game where you need skill. We're playing a game where it matters that i win and the guy on skype to lose *coughs* Why are you talking nowé Well im coughing a little. You heard me *laughs*. We're playing a game. The game is quot;HeadBallquot;.

What you do in the game is play football. I can connect with Cale. It's like over social media You have the game on your phone. You'll have the links in the description. You connect and play.The game is very interesting. So you have the links in the description and now we're going to show it to you. Demonstrate a little how it all looks like. they would be to play dad and I that do not play a Challenge or something so that wouldn't be a challenge but

who ever loses. Well that we know he will lose no,let me say Who will lose, that means dad Ahhhhh! The winner, can go to his facebook profile and he can put anything he want he can put any status or any image, etc. Who win he can do this, who lose gets that egg, so

It' ll be very interesting Dad are you readyé I am ready, very ready. Did you get it in your handé Did you switch on gameé Wait, something turned on! Turn off that. Sorry son.

Turn off that tone. Sorry. TURN OFF THAT TONE!!! I turned off tone. ARE YOU READYé Let me turn this spin and then I'll go Go on until he turns spins to show you. Hey so and I have a spin You have this spins, some stupid things

I don't even know, I'll see what I'll get If I get something. Ok i can do it like this Ok, let's see what we can get I got 2760 coins Did I got that, yes I got It's ok bro I have 3 thousands coins Extra I have 3700 bro

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