Big Bump On Left Side Of Head

Whats inside an Exploding Golf Ball

(slicing sound) Hey, welcome back to What's Inside. I'm Dan, and I'm here withthis exploding golf ball. So, I'm about to go to the driving range, I'm going to try to trick Lincoln. He's never seen one of thesebefore, so I'm going to give it to him and putit on the tee and see if he can hit it and have it explode.

Hopefully, his little,young golf swing will be strong enough to hit this thing, but this should be funand then after that, we'll come home and cut this thing open and see what's inside. Let's see if this works. (golf ball impact sound) Oh nice hit.

(golf ball impact sound) Whoa! (Dan laughs) Did you mean to do thaté Yeah Lincoln (Laughing) Where did you get thaté It's a trick ball. It's an exploding golf ball.

(golf ball impact sound) (laughs) It just explodes. You can see all the dust over there. That is cool. (golf ball impact sound) (laughs) That's funny.

Check out my black driver,it's all white now. Same with mine. That was a lot of fun. What'd you think about thaté He just put up the golf ball and we were hitting real golf balls. So, he puts it on thetee and it just explodes and I'm like, whaté

Have you ever seen one of those beforeé No. No, that's even better. This last week, I as at twodifferent golf tournaments and as a joke on the ninth or tenth hole, I threw this to one of my playing partners and they actually put it on the tee, didn't think anything of it.

Whats inside a Lacrosse Ball

Alright, well, we're back,cutting into different balls. (laughs) This one is a lacrosse ball. So it says on there, if you can read it, championship sports, meets NCAA standards, made in Taiwan, I don'tknow what the NF. NFHS league is. Maybe it's the nationallacrosse league, I don't know. So anyway, it feels, if youlook at it, it's pretty bouncy.

Lincoln Rubbery. Man Just kinda rubbery.It bounces like a bouncy ball. So we've got Lincolnand Claire here with us, and we've got our tools, our usual tools. Yes, that's the fanciesttools we get: a saw and clamp. So, let's give it a try. Alright, so we take ourclamp, put it on here. Which way are you going to cut ité

Man I'm gonna cutit, I'm not gonna cut it down the line that's already there. I'm gonna cut it opposite.So I'll cut right across Like what we did on the other ballé Man Where the writing is. Like what we've done on other balls, yes. Don't wanna just cut. Lincoln Whoa. Smashing it.

Man Yeah, it's gonna smash whoa. (laughter) Yikes. I might just cut right in it. Let's not put too much pressure on that. Alright. Claire I'm gonna have that top piece. I'm gonna have the toppiece. Okayé The very top. Man It's gonna be actually hard

because it's rubbery soit's gonna stick to the saw. We can't clamp on it too much. (sawing) Oh yeah, that's a little bit tricky. (sawing) But it'll come off, it can come off the clamp easy so I can't push too hard. (sawing)

(clatter) (chuckling) (children whispering) Lincoln Just push. (clatter) (gasp) That's hard. I mean, it's just not safe, the fingers like that. (sawing)

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