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How To Head A Soccer Ball Learn How To Head A Soccer Ball With Power

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.Welcome back. I want to take you through a tutorial now which is the basic fundamentalsand the correct form of how to head a soccer ball. OK, guys. One of the things that you shouldabsolutely know is the correct form of how to head a soccer ball. It's one of those funnythings that when you're first starting out, it's kind of weird timing. You're not reallysure how to do it exactly and then as you get better, you kind of notice, Man, was Ireally like that bad at learning how to head a soccer ballé

So again, let me bring Chas out here for asecond. Let me teach you the quick form and he's coming out here. When you're headinga soccer ball, what you want to learn is actually the correct part of your head to hit it. When you're first starting out, a lot of times,you kind of do this thing or the ball is coming at you and it's hitting more on the top ofyour head and that's not exactly where you want it. Basically the most control is whereyou get it right in the front here which is your I think your frontal part of your skeleton,those of you that are in medical school. So again what you want to do is keep youreyes on it. You're probably going to blink

when you do it but make contact. What youwant to do also is when you're going to head the ball, don't head it up here because whatyou're going to do is you're going to lose a lot of power when you do that. If you ever see Brian McBride, any of theguys from the English Premier League, what they're doing is they're waiting at the lastsecond and they're driving through the ball with the front part of their head. So again,you're hitting right here and now you know where to hit the soccer ball. Now you need to know how because there's alittle bit of a timing issue and that's where

you actually get the power. You can hit ithere all you want but if you don't have the right timing, then you're backing up, you'renot going to get any power. What you want to do is drive through. Theway that you do that is wait until the ball is you got your body basically locked backand it's loaded. It's ready to explode forward with your upper body and you're actually goingto get your arms involved too and it's legal to have your arms or elbows out like this.You just can't be flailing them out and punching people in the face despite what they do dooverseas when you get on the highend leagues. You can kind of get a little elbow but we'renot going to get into that.

So again, you have your body locked back.What you want to do is wait at the last possible second and then drive through. When you firststart out, that's what I want you to do. I want you to have ball in hand. Just throwit up. Drive through and you will see my body is coming forward very quickly. You don'twant to do it very slowly because you're not getting a whole lot of power as opposed towhen you're driving through. Get your arms up. So then what you want to do is I will haveChas here, ball in hand. What I want to do is start practicing. Boom! And see how I waituntil the last possible second. Boom, right

there! Instead of going forward already. SeeI'm already losing speed. I'm losing momentum when I do that and again you don't want towait until you're all the way back so there's a little bit of a timing issue. Boom, rightthere, and it just exploded forward. Then what I want you to do, when you kindof practice that and again you can practice this on a wall. Just throw it up to the wall.Work on your headers. Catch the ball again. If you have a partner, it's great. You canwork your way down the field doing this as well especially backing up. That's where you're really going to learnto get power but what I want you to do is

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