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**You can turn these captions OFF and ON using the CC button below. It's funny how things happen. I didn't even want to go to that party that night. Little did I know my entire life was about to change. Yo yo yo party people! The talk dance is next. And the spotlight randomly falls on this dude!

and also on this girl who reads with her fingers in the middle of a party! Ehé No, hey guys. No you can't just grab people. Huhé Come on. you'll like it Listen, I don't know how to talk go away! I just ate a peanut.

Whaté Why don't you say your ageé Are you mocking meé Yeah Okay why you gotta do thaté Oh you know mm ha ha ha ha

Sounds like you got the wrong guy Ah we could both play outside nuh uh Ooh hey Oh gross you're so smiley! But I don't mind girl Bah bah black sheep Ha ha nursery rhyme!

Yeah Hey I love good nursery rhymes And I just happen to be hereé Ohhhkay You're so rad did you bring a cameraé I think, yeah Ha ha ha ha ha

I need that camera so Oh oh ayo! Hey I missed you so much huhé Whaté I can't really hear you, huhé Oh hey let's do this I'm ready alright

DIY School Supplies 10 Weird DIY Crafts for Back to School with DIY Lover

In this tutorial I'm going to show you 10 crazy,unique and a bit weird DIYs for back to school. Notebooks, pens, school bags, pencil casesand much much more. Check it out! Hey guys! It's almost time for school! Yeeey. I hate school. OK, I know that going back to school may notbe your favorite thing in the world, but you got to admit that preparing for new schoolsupplies, backpacks and all that stuff, is

a pretty exciting part. And this year I want you guys to have thecoolest school supplies at your school, so I put together the most crazy, unique, epicDIY school supplies you've ever seen. I'm going to show you 10 ideas and Sue fromthe channel DIYlover will show you another 10. Her tutorial will be linked at the end of thistutorial and in the description bar. But let's not wait any longer, because schoolis almost here, come on! We're going to kick off with this epic bottlepencil case. It's hard to imagine that it's actually madeout of plastic bottles, because it looks so cool!

Take two bottles, a zipper, glue gun and scissors. Cut your first bottle right below the pointwhere it starts getting narrow. This is just below it's neck. The second bottle needs to be cut much lower,as this one will act as a lid to our pencil case. When both bottle pieces are ready it's timeto grab a zipper. Place it on a flat surface and apply a bitof glue on each side of the zipper like this. While the glue is still soft, stick on thebottle pieces. Apply the glue all along both sides of yourzipper.

Then simply roll both bottle parts down sothat they stick to the zipper firmly. That's it! If your zipper is too long, you can cut awayany extra, otherwise you are pretty much done with this awesome pencil case. I love how inexpensive this DIY is plus it'sa great way to recycle empty bottles. To make your new pencil case even more epicyou can also decorate it with stickers or sharpies. These pens are so unique, pretty and sparklyno wonder that everyone would like to have one. But hey you gotta make your own!

And relax I got your back because I'm goingto show you how to make these glittery, bendable, liquid pens with a lava effect. I know – awesome, just awesome. To make these magic pens we'll need a transparentpipe, baby oil, water, a wide pen, food coloring, glitter and a glue gun. Take a pen that should be about as wide asyour transparent pipe. Unscrew the front part of the pen, take oneink refill and save the end cap for later. Fill the front of the pen with a bit of glueand stick the ink refill in the center.

Grab your pvc pipe and apply some glue onthe inner part of one side. Quickly stick in the front piece of the pen. You can also screw it a bit so that the gluereally grabs all the edges and makes our pen waterproof. Now it's time to mix together the liquids! Take a bit of food coloring, I went for orange,and mix it with water. Use a syringe or a funnel to pour some ofthat liquid in the pipe of your pen. Fill it about half way. The most exciting part to me is adding glitter.

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