Big Bumps On My Inner Thighs

Inner Thigh Workout Help My Thighs Are Rubbing Together

Join the Challenge facebook losequicklychallenge losequickly.leadpages httplosequicklycom Hello and Thanks for tuning into losequickly . Once again I'm Kanika, and today I'm goingto teach you how to remove those thighs. Today I had a girl come in and she said quot;help!My thighs are rubbingquot;. I went Holy Moly. Okay, lemme give you guysa clear understanding about thighs that rub. It is not healthy if you, think about whenyou where 21. Did your thighs rub when you where at 21éIf your thighs rubbed when you where at 21,

they are going to continue rub at 41, at 31.Okay. So we want to keep a big level of realisminto everything, because everybody is made differently and just because her thighs doesn'trub doesn't mean her thighs are not going to rub. But, what you can do is tone and firm themup, and make them really tight so they don't jiggle an wiggle all the time. So open yourlegs. Now this is what I do. I do not have a back round in Ballet.I do not have a back round in Dance. Except if your talking about at the club somewhere.Long time ago that's my past.

Ha ha ha. but um in terms of now incorporatinginto fitness. It's been probably a god sent, because now that world is starting to openup their secrets just like I'm opening up my secrets to my world. The track and fieldworld. The sport world. I'm opening it up to you, they've opened upsome of there world to us. Because of it I'm able to incorporate a littlebit of stuff that I know with what they have and come up with a couple of exercises that'sgoing to really target the inner thighs. Okay. So I want you to take your hands, place thembehind you, okay don't worry about should they be bent should they be this. Just getcomfortable.

Now point your toes as if you're a ballerina.Now listen I'm the biggest Tom boy out here, the biggest one. So if I can point my toesyou can point your toes. Here we go, now lift your. your gonna wantto lean back so yes your back is going to be slightly suspended in the air so you haveto really bare down an lean down on your abs. Hold an lift them up and bring them up anddown and up and down. 3 down, 4 down, 5 down, 6 down, 7 down, 8now heres the humdinger. 1 up, 2 up, 3 notice that my knees stay bentthey don't straighten out, come on. 6 up, 7 this burns, last set 8, come on.

8 up, 7 up, 6 up, 5 up, come on, 4 push itthrough, come on 3 push it, 2 push it, and 1. Bring it down. Ooooo did you feel yourinner thighs contracting and almost grip you. I know I did, listen you want to see moreof thaté Tune into my page, tune into this button.See this button that's right thereé Push that button for me because every singleday you'll be able to get new creative fun things that you will be able to do in orderto hit that target that area that you havnt been able to target. Remember nutrition, food in equals food out,food in food out. That's all it is. How much

work did you put in how much food did youput in, and that's what your going to get out of it. So every single day I'll have somethingto help you get rid of it alright. Tune in next time. Tune into my next tutorial.Thank you for checking in with us at losequickly I know you want more workouts. the iconfor the next workout. Don't forget to click the subscribe button. youtu.beS9V6wIaUdhk.

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