Big Painful Bump On Vag

Correct Lunge Form to Get a Bigger Butt

To get a better workout for your butt, hips,thighs, and hamstrings, you can do elevated lunges like I'm doing here.But to get yourself set up to do elevated lunges, you need to start offwith your feet about one and a half to two foot lengths behind the box orthe platform you're using to do the elevated lunges on. Once you are in the starting position, getyour dumbbells and do elevated lunges like this. As you're doing lunges,make sure you keep your head up and look straight ahead. Although this exerciseis called a lunge, you

don't want to lunge forward as you squat down.You want to squat straight up and straight down by keeping your kneesbehind your toes. So, do not let the knee of the elevated leg glide over yourtoes. You want to squat down as far as you can untilthe knee of the leg that's not elevated touches the floor. Make sureyou come down slow enough so your knee only touches the floor. Don't come downso fast that you bang or hurt your knee on the floor. Make sure you do thisexercise on both legs. You want to keep your heels flat on the platformor box at all times while

doing this exercise. If you can't keep yourheels flat, use a lower platform or do regular lunges instead of elevatedlunges. If you want to get an even better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges, focus more on pushing through your heels by curlingup your toes slightly. Another thing you can do for a better buttworkout doing elevated lunges is to pause at the bottom for two to three secondsbefore squatting back up. One more option for getting a better buttworkout is to do elevated lunges on a higher platform. Instead of doing yourelevated lunges on a fiveinch

step, for example, you can better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges on higher five to teninch step or platform.

5 Reasons Sex Hurts Penis Edition

Recently I talked about 5 reasons sex hurtsvaginas sometimes to which some commenters were like, ‘But what about the penisesé'It's true. Sex can hurt penises too. Statistically the most common reason for peoplewith penises to have painful sex, which is a bit of a tongue twister, is something calledPeryronie's Disease. It's a buildup of scar tissue and plaque with leads to a curvatureof the penis which then leads to painful intercourse. If your penis looks more like this than this,you might want to go see your urologist. Next up for uncircumcised penishavers phimosisand paraphimosis can lead to painful intercourse. In the case of phimosis when the penis becomeserect, the foreskin won't fully retract.

In the case of paraphimosis when that erectpenis begins to detumesce the foreskin won't fully recover the old glans. If you're ever heard one of those jokesabout a guy popping some Viagra and then having an erection that just won't go away already.Ahhhhh. The punch line is priapism. Not so funny sounding now is it. These painful erectionsthat will not go away and usually require medical treatment might in fact be causedby Viagra or other medications but it might also be linked to blood disorders or genitalinjury. Either way that is an erection that you probably don't want.

In the same way they can cause painful sexfor people with vaginas, skin disorders can also lead to painful sex for people with penises.Skin conditions including psoriasis, balanitis and dermatitis can all irritate the skin particularlyon the head of the penis leading then to painful sex. Finally, bedroom moves gone horribly wrongcan lead to probably the most painful sex of your life because oh my god you just fracturedyour penis. You know you fractured your penis when you hear a popping sound followed thenby discoloration and swelling of the penis. Statistically they're quite rare but theydo happen and in fact in one study that I

was looking at one guy fractured his penissimply because his pants were too tight. If you do fracture your penis though it's importantthat you go to the as soon as possible because if left untreated a fractured peniscan lead to erectile dysfunction which is another tutorial for another time. Ppppenises, penises, penises, penises,penises.

Vaginal Cysts and Swellings Differential Diagnosis Discussion

Hello everybodytoday i will be discussing about differen causes of vaginal cystsand swellings i am really sorry for the spelling of swellingToday we will discuss different common causes ofvaginal cysts and swellings with which patients presents to usthese are gartners duct cyst bartholin duct cystinclusion cyst lipomashematoma They all are the common cysts seen in thevagina and the vulva and the main thing will

be our discussion about what are the differentfeatures of each cyst How we can diffrentiate one from other what are the features peculiarto gartners duct cyst what are the features of bartholin duct cyst and lipomas hematomasand inclusion cysts ok main thing is the location of the cyst that determines which cyst itis likely to be we will discuss individually about each cyst and swellings ok let us beginwith gartners duct cyst these are the cysts which arise from embryonic remnants of themesonephric duct which pass along the anterior aspect of the vaginal canal so this cystsare situated on the anterior vaginal wall and anterior vaginal canal usually these cystsare small and asymptomatic and they dont cause

any symptoms like dyspareunia or dischargemOST of the times they dont cause any symtoms and they are small they are found incidentallyduring the pelvic examination and we dont worry about these cysts because they can befollowed conservatively and if the patient becomes symptomatic then we opt for excisionbut remember this is only for symptomatic patients Most of the times we follow themconservatively ok now proceed forward and look about Inclusion cysts these are the cyststhese are the most common vaginal cysts and they are situated on the posterior lower vaginalsurface these cysts result from birth trauma or previous gynaecological surgeries as thename suggesst these are the inclusion cyst

i.e blockage of the duct due to some traumasome surgery and the secretions remain there and forms inclusion cysts these are also mostof the times asymptomatic and conservatively managed Ok Bartholin's duct cysts this isvery important because these are the large cysts of the vulva these are most common cystsof the vulva Bartholin duct open into a groove betweenthe hymen and labia minora acturally what happens Bartholins duct get blocked due tomicroorganisms proliferation the bartholins duct gets blocked and the secretion of bartholingland which are normally useful for coitus they make the vaginal wall moisty and it makeseasy for intercourse and when their duct becomes

blocked their secretion cannot pour out andthey form a cyst and marsupialisation is its treatmentWhat do we mean by marsupialisation it is a procedure in which the cyst is incisedand its edges are stitched with the normal skin because if we dont do marsupialisationthen again recurrence rate is higher so we opt for marsupialisationLipomas these are benign encapsulated tumors of fatcells they are mostly found in labia majora and are superficial in locationthey are just the tumors of fat cellsand if we donot remove it doesnot cause any problemthe conversion of lipomas into sarcomas and

carcinomas is rare and we donot need to worryabout it until their are some symptoms due to its mass effectif it causes dyspareunia or any other symptoms, we will go for excision otherwise its fineHematomas of the vulva These are due to blunt trauma or straddleinjury and sometimes these hematomas can occur without injuries and are known as spontaneoushematomas they are due to result of rupture of varicosevein in pregnancy or the postpartum period Rupture of varicose vein in pregnancy or thepostpartum period ok these were the diffrential diagnosis ofthe vaginal cysts and swellings

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