Big W Stretchy Bum Bag

The Problem with Jeggings

Hello Class. My name is Mr. Stevens. I will be your substitute while Mrs. Lopinski is getting

her foot fixed. her foot fixed. You can call me Mr. S. You can call me Mr. S. I have a note from the principle: NO JEGGINGS! Whaté! Come on, they're Jeans.

No, they're leggings. They are just disguised to look like jeans. Yes Stacey . we can see your whole ass crack. Whatever! What about my tacketé Hey, is that a tank top jacketé Yeah. No, it's very slutty and it can't be worn. I bet you hate these é!, too. Don't youé

Yes, those are definitely banned. Now, those pants you're wearing, what are thoseé Stockeesé! Stocking Khakis. Yeah, got ya, they are not allowed. What about Aaron, he is wearing a haté This is a Yarmulke. What about my Yarmubra é Wow, yeah . no, you are 16

and that is definitely sacriligeous . can wear my nurt é Your what é My notashirté Ok that's just not wearing a shirt. Mixed with a shirt. Ok, you're gonna be suspended. Swearingsé

Sweaterearrings. Those are absolutely fine. But they look terrible. Clongsé They're . Thongs. got ya, just keep 'em underneath your pants. You old fogey. Fogey. Wow, haven't heard that word a long time I'm thirty, though. Thanks Ok, you in the back, what are you wearingé

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