Black Bumble Bee Transformer

Amanda Latona Shows How She Gets Those Glutes Bodybuilding

Hey, everyone atBodybuilding . My name is Amanda Latona. I am the 2009 Flex Bikini ModelSearch championships winner. I am a Team BSN sponsoredathlete and an IFBB Bikini Pro, as well as a Muscle Fitness Hers cover model. I am here today going to showyou a pro bikini glute training workout so you, too, can havesculpted bikini glutes

like a pro. If you're a beginner atexercising, don't worry, don't be freaked out, I'm gonna walkyou right through everything. Start light. You know, you don't have to dothe heavy rep range or the heavy weights like I do, or don'tstart with all of the exercises. Say, choose threeinstead of five.

Although I train every body partonce a week, I actually train glutes twice a week. I do it once on a Monday whenI'm strong, I'm fresh, and I do it again on a Friday. I mean, who doesn't wanta great butt, righté Yeah. Butts are back.

Okay, guys. Here we are on the leg press. Today I'm choosing to do myfavorite positioning, which is feet together. It allows me to lift heavier,get a little more strength behind me, and also shapes theouter sleeves, which is a very nice look to have. We're gonna start heavy on this,so choose a weight that can

allow you to do 10 to 12 reps. If you need a spotter, get one. Safety is first, guys. Gotta keep it safe. So what you want to do isyou don't want to start down here.' cause you never want to haveyour knees going over your toes. I like to do rightin the middle.

Remember, the higher you go up,the more emphasis you get on the glutes, which is why we're here. Okay, here we go. Also, when you're doing this,remember to press through your heels. Whenever you press through yourheels, basically, I like to be able to lift my toes up, 'causethat's how I know that I'm definitely gettinghittingthe glutes.

Giant Fun Surprise Show Kreo Transformer Optimus Prime Bumblebee Superheroes Toys Kids Tutorial

Hulu I'm James are you doing well I'mbulldozing and Japanese Truck Isuzu how's it going what you up and ready totake it take you for asking why was it was quite unusual 2011 aw yeah I thinkthere's something behind us as get turned my aids care of this season but ithink is right behind you probably will open on notes are now ready to go butI'm really careful alright welcome to the bumblebee show welcome tothe Optimus Prime show will be we can both share its ok we're creo Transformertoys show me yours thought ok let me just transfer on and cologne hi this isfamily toy review here so we got these

creo they're kinda like Lagos butthey're kreo transformers and you know I had to crazy glue the pieces togetherbecause they're so small that when you transform their fall off and Iaccidentally critical his legs wrongs a little bit it's not how it's supposed tome it's not exactly correct but it still looks ok so if you Krazy Glue gotta becareful good job will be there was excellent transformation now it's myturn with the arms back and trends more the legs are all my head ok much better now much better butalright snap mondays are right I am now

dragged into the vehicles will be too excited like bubble belooking toward to optimize your wheel was transformed back into the robot knowright and spin my arms and I now back to my surprise normal my arms my pics clinton that ok mybiceps transformed well it was very impressive now let'sshow our walking the walk walk walk walk walk walk or a good we're veryfunctional tools he's walking walking walk a mile and all that

I like tell you have your arms open likethat you look like you need a ride yo what you have there what is that that'smy that's one of my my lieutenants my friends that's some bull the right I would help do I would you know.

Bumblebee Meets Stinger Transformers 4

Introducing Stinger That is a badass robot. Kind of looks like you big guy. Their trying to build a whole new version. Well at least their making cooler cars then this. You talk to me like that hey see what happens when your in a wild crap. Now get out of here

Inspired by Bumblebee, but better in every way WHAT, SON OF A No no, you gotta calm down STOP BUMBLEBEE BEE STOP NOW ITS NOT COOL Hey you two grease monkeys What the hell is going on here. Huh, whats with this vengeance crap

Were not scanning collator car junk What do you think it is that we make here. Huh, we make poetry were clips Alright you work for me You owe a mistake one Understood Yeah it certainly won't So lets get this pathetic thing out of here and you too

So sorry so sorry, lets move on Watch him see what I can find I'll quietly get out of here Bee you gotta cal down right now I'm preferable captain You gotta breath and just do whatever is to deal I'm proud I'm proud that I'm really touching it okay I'm barely touching it, I'm barely touching it Turn back in to a car right now Get out of my face alright

Oh hell no Nothing then me What did you touch Uuuh I told you home boy, You can't touch this My office in 15 minutes.

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