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I'm not famous I'm not an actress and I'm definitely not amodel I just work in an office outside of work i am just a normal girl I just do regular girly things I really like getting my nails done I like to go shopping and doing happy hour with my friends

Living in Arizona, I really like totake advantage of the beautiful weather love being out at the pool butdefinitely don't like being in my bikini if I do you have a bathing suit on I definitely always have a cover up aswell I really try hard you know to do the best I can to be healthy I really try to cook and eat healthy and clean

I go to the gym several times a week I am on the treadmill even take my dog out on runsand walks at the park but despite all these efforts I really have a lot of stubborn areasthat I just can't get rid of my problem areas are really like: my abdomen waist hips and outer tights. I feel like I canjust totally see the contour just little like lumps and bulges

I wish they were just more smooth I really want to like my body and I've been so unhappy with it I'm just ready for a change I've been thinking about getting surgeryfor about five months now I am doing it now, because I really like it to be done before summer comes I think it would it be nice to be bathing suit ready I choose Hall's to do my surgeryjust because after extensive research online

I felt like he was the one that was bestfor me. He was the only one in the valley that specialized in liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts I really also liked his websiteI found it very informational He had a lot of before and after photos along with tutorials of surgeries Today is the big day I am getting my liposuction and the Brazilian butt lift I'm a little nervous. I just filled out all my paperwork.

I'm just waiting for the nurse to come and get me Amber is going to be getting a microliposuction procedure along with a Brazilian butt lift the true definition of a Brazilian butt lift is actually utilizing Amber's own natural fat sculpting it out of certain areas and then putting those living fatcells back into the buttocks region to enhance for shape in that area

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Welcome Back. Before surgery, it is extremely important to have a physical examination to determine the type of buttocks you have. There are different types of buttocks, and one of the most challenging ones to correct with any buttock enhancement procedure is the Vshaped buttock. What is a Vshaped buttocké Let's take alook at this picture. The patient with a Vshaped buttock has a very small width at the lowest part of the butt compared to the top of the buttock.

In essence, it creates a V. These patients have the following characteristics: 1. They tend to be topheavy. 2. They tend to be significantly overweight. 3. The buttock is very small. 4. The skin is very tight, not only in the central part of the buttock, but on the sides. It is important to understand the Vshaped buttock. Patients with Vshaped buttocks are, in my experience,

not the best candidates for a buttock enhancement procedure. Yes, you can have the fat transfer to the buttock, but the problem is that these anatomical factors are going to negatively impact the final results. To change a buttock from a Vshape to an Ashape to make the lower part of the buttock wider than the top is virtually impossible. But why is thisé This is because of the following: Number one, the skin is extremely tight.

Number two, the skin on the sides of the buttocks has a limit on how much it can stretch when fat is injected, meaning that reversing the proportions you see on this patient is going to be a significant surgical challenge. If you have this type of buttocks, you canstill have the surgery, but you are not going to get the results you want. In my practice, I tend not to do this procedure on Vshaped buttocks, because even with my experience,it is impossible to get a result that the patient is going to be happy with.

Yes, there is going to be an improvement, but in the mind of the patient it might not meet their expectations. In this tutorial we discussed Vshaped buttocks. The most challenging anatomy to correct with fat transfer procedure. Next week we will discuss how the different types of skin affect the projection of the buttock.

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