Can You Tone Your Bum By Tensing It

Men Try Big Butts For A Day

(upbeat music) Yeah, I like big butts. I like big butts on men and women. I want a big butt, but because I'm a guy I don't feel like I'mallowed to want a big butt. Everybody wants a nice ass. Well, I think anyone with a bigger butt gets a lot of attention.

His Butt Booster. Right away it kinda feels like a bra. So, there's like the title tag and then on the back of itthere's no other information. Here's my flat butt. (twinkling music) Oh my god, I'm so happy in these. So I just put the underwear on.

My pants feel very filled out. And these pants are likeusually totally filled out by just my natural ass, but like damn. I sat down in a chairright after I put this on and I can tell why people withbig butts have such big egos. 'Cause they're so highup, and I'm into it. It'll be interestingto see if anybody else can tell the difference.

Your pants look tight. Oh god, why is it so hardé It kinda feels like a real butt. Oh, that's a firm butt. Thank you so much. (Tall Man) Good job. I did people do squats for a month. Do you like ité No, it's kinda weird.

(laughing) oh. One benefit of the bigbutt that I will miss is that when I sit on people's laps, they don't talk abouthow bony my cheeks are. I think before Ithought I was more happy with the shape of mybutt than I actually am. And I think going throughthis just made me realize I actually don't want the explosive

like Nicki Minaj butt that I think I want. I think I had the most funI've had in a really long time. The grass is greener, let me tell you. It's fuller, too. What do you thinké I think I like thereal thing better, but. Uh, uh, uh Where is HRé

How to Stretch Your Chest AND HOW NOT TO

Pec Major. Pec Minor. Both serious problems if you let these thingsget tight. I'm going to show you today exactly how to stretch each one the best way. What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we're going to talk about the Pec Minor,the Pec Major, neither of which are unimportant especially if you want to maintain healthyshoulders in the gym. You see, these two muscles are going to wreakhavoc on your upper body, in your shoulders particularly, if you don't stretch them enough,

or more importantly, you don't know how tostretch them. So, I'm going to break out all the weapons to make sure that you do by theend of this tutorial. We're taking out Raymond. I'm going to drawall over my damn body, and I'm going to show you the stretches and exactly how you haveto do them to get the most out of this. Ok, so let's take out Raymond here and lookat the function of the Pec Major, right. We know that there are 2 portions of the PecMajor. There's the sternal portion which is righthere off of the sternum. They come out here and they fan out to a place up here on ourupper arm bone, the humerus, right about mid

sternum. So, right here is where they're inserting,ok. And then we have a clavicular portion that comes down and attaches to the same thing. So you can see that if these muscles wereto pull, they're going to pull the arm across the chest. So now, like I said, I'll writeall over my damn body. Don't think I won't guys. I hope these things do come out, though. Ifwe take our muscles here, and we look at them, they're fanning out. They're attaching tothat point that I told you about.

And from the clavicle, they're coming down.They're attaching to the point I told you about. So when I contract, you can see themuscles underlying this. That's what they're doing. They're bringing this across the body. Well,now we've got to go across. Remember the functions of these muscles. Now, you can see that if this were to gettight, in addition to being able to pull this across, it will also rotate this arm bonein, right. If it's attached to here and it gets tights,shortens, it's going to pull this in that

way. So, that's why when we get tight, wehave internally rotated shoulders like this. Internal rotation of our shoulders bringsthe whole shoulder forward. Now, we move on to the Pec Minor. The Pec Minor is actually much more importantbecause we never address this muscle and this has I think far more deepreaching implicationsto our shoulder when we don't because if you look at where the Pec Minorgoes, it goes from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rib right here to the coracoid process right here.Now, the most important part of that is the attachment

because the coracoid process, if I spin thisguy around, you can see, it's part of the shoulder blade. It's literally part of yourshoulder blade. It's just a point on the shoulder blade. So, what happens when this muscle's tightéAnd they go from here to here, and they're tight, they're going to pull down. So nowwe get an anterior tilt of the scapula. So it's going to go this way, down and in.We're going to get a downward rotation of the shoulder blade which is down this way,ok, down that way. And then we're going to get a protraction,so the shoulder blade's going to come around

The Best Exercise for the Butt Get a Bigger Butt

The Best Exercise for the Butt | Get a BiggerButt If you want to sculpt your thigh and buttmuscles you will need to perform a number of different exercises using weights to addresistance and increase the intensity of the exercise.Dumbbell StepUp The dumbbell stepup exercise targets a numberof different muscle groups including the quadriceps which is the front thigh, the gluteus maximuswhich is the butt and hip area and the adductors, also known as the inner thigh. increase buttsize, The Best Exercise for the Butt | Get a Bigger Butt

Side Leg Lift The side leg lift tones muscles in the hipand butt area; for increased resistance while performing the exercise use ankle weights.Start by placing your hands on your hips and slowly lifting one leg out to the side; holdfor 10 seconds, then lower it again. increase butt sizeThe Leg Press The leg press exercise targets the hamstrings(backs of thighs), quadriceps and the gluteas maximus. This exercise is typically performedon a machine where you push your legs against a weighted platform.

The Bridge The bridge targets the glutes, abdominalsand spine stabalizers. You can perform this exercise at three levels: the beginner, intermediateand advanced. For all three levels the technique is the same but the starting position is different.The Best Exercise for the Butt | Get a Bigger Butt.

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