Do Big Bumble Bees Bite

3 Minute Butt How to get a Perfect Butt in 3 Minutes

Workout and helpful advice. Add this tutorial to your favorites it will guide you when you train! 5,4,3,2,1, Readyé Go! Never put your butt on the ground during descent, in order to keep the contraction constant. Be sure not to raise your shoulder blades off the floor during the exercise. Next Exercises: Pulsed butt lifts. Readyé Go! If you can't it, try doing regular butt lifts. Don't excessively curve your back. Be sure not to raise your shoulder blades off the floor during the exercise.

Keep your abs and butt constantly tight to improve the effectiveness of the exercise. Make sure to keep your feet constantly well placed on the floor. Next Exercises: Donkey kicks crossover. Readyé Go! If you can't do it, try the donkey kicks without crossing your legs. Be sure not to curve your back during the movement. Switch side in the shortest time possible. Go! Don't put your knee on the ground when you take down the leg, in order to keep a constant contraction. Next Exercises: Pulsed donkey kicks with leg at 90°. Readyé Go!

If you can't do it, try smoothly raising and lowering the leg, creating a wider movement. Control the movement to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. Switch side in the shortest time possible. Go! Be sure not to curve or bend your back during the movement. Next Exercises: Donkey Kicks extended leg. Readyé Go! If you can't do it, try the Donkey Kicks with your legs bent at 90°. Be sure not to curve your back during movement. Switch side in the shortest time possible. Go!

Don't stretch out the foot, keep it constantly flexed. Next Exercises: Hip abduction on all fours. Readyé Go! If you can't do it, try slowing down the pace. Be sure not to rotate the pelvis when you lift the leg to not strain your back. Switch side in the shortest time possible. Go! Don't put your knee on the ground when you take down the leg to increase the effectiveness of the exercise. 5,4,3,2,1, Stop!.

Why do bees die after they sting you Big Questions Ep 41

Hi I'm Craig, my mom thinks I'm beeutiful,I die when I sting you, and I'm buzzed right now and this is Mental Floss on YouTube. Today,I'm going to answer Leovigildo Santos's big question, “Why do bees die after theysting youéâ€� So, not all bees do this. Duh, guys. Today,I'm going to tell you about which ones do and why. Let's get started! Bzz Hi how are yaé How you doingé Bees that stingyou then die are honeybees. And they're always females because males don't havestingers. That's because the stinger is actually an ovipositor an organ that femaleinsects have for depositing eggs. I have a

refrigerator for depositing eggs and I dieevery time. In addition to being an ovipositor, the honeybee'sstinger is barbed. It has little hooklike things all over it. So, once it's insideof you, it's kind of stuck there as if it had been screwed into your skin. That's lovely. When the honey bee is ready to fly away, ittries to pull out its stinger, which gets caught. So, instead, the bee is forced toleave it behind along with muscles, glands, a venom sac, and part of its digestive tract.And that's a great way to lose weight and life, because that's how it dies. Fun fact:when an animal does a form of selfamputating

like this, it's called “autotomizing.� Basically, if you thought it was bad thatyou got stung by a bee.nope it's worse: you have bee guts all over you. And, makesure to remove the stinger if you get stung. Because that venom sac that the bee left behindis not a good thing to have in your skin. If someone offers you a venom sac, you sayno This is only the case when honey bees stinghumans, by they way. If they happen to sting an animal or insect with thinner skin thanhuman skin, they're strong enough to pull out their stingers and move on with theirlives.

If you think that female honeybees get thebad end of the deal here, it turns out that the life of a male honeybee, or drone, isn'tso good either. I mean, they're called drones, doesn't sound good. They pretty much existto mate with the queen, that doesn't sound bad. And when one does that, part of his genetaliaget ripped off in the process, that's bad. Then, his abdomen gets ripped open and hedies. Speaking of the queen bee, she DOESN'T havea barbed stinger hers is smooth, which means she COULD sting people multiple timeswithout dying. But, she doesn't ever leave the hive after mating. She only gets the chanceto use her stinger when she's trying to

assert dominance over another queen. But that's just honey bees. Bumblebees,solitary bees, and wasps are able to pull their stingers out after stinging humans.Also Sting is able to and he has, many times. I'm told. Thanks for watching Mental Floss on YouTube,which is made with the help of all these honey bees. If you have a Big Question of your ownthat you'd like answered, leave it below in comments. See you next week!.

First Aid Tips How to Relieve a Bee Sting

Throughout the course of everyday life allof us performing some type of outdoor activity will encounter a sting from a bee. Hi, I'mCaptain Joe Bruni, and what I want to talk about is how to treat the common bee sting.The common bee sting is usually a painful occurrence. Normally the bee will leave sometype of stinger in the wound area where it has released it's toxic venom. You do notwant to take that stinger and squeeze it or pinch it in any way because at the end ofthat stinger will be some type of venom sac that will continue to hold the poison fromthe bee. You want to take something like a stiff piece of card such as a credit card,drivers license, or anything else that can

be used to scrape that skin surface area andtry and remove that stinger in that fashion. Again, you do not want to squeeze it withyour fingers or with a pair of tweezers or any other type of material. After the stingeris removed you can apply some type of cold compress, ice, or anything else to cool thearea, along with washing the area with soap and water to cleanse the area. After cleansingand applying ice for a short period of time to reduce swelling, some type of aloe veragel can be applied or even a home remedy of a paste made out of meat tenderizer and afew drops of water or even baking soda and a few drops of water and that paste appliedto that wound or infected area. In this fashion

it should relieve pain rather quickly andreduce swelling. I'm Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we'll see you next time.

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