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Hello and welcome back again. Now I'd liketo show you one of my favorite advanced techniques. This is something that you really don't wantto do until you really can master this machine. It's called the butt or bun burner it's oneof my favorites. It's really changed my life. Something that you want to do is you wantto start off slow when you are doing this at first and you want to just lower yourselfdown, this is sort of almost a form of yoga in a way. You lower yourself down, speed isnot very important but technique is. And you want to feel those muscles in your legs, knees,your thighs, slowly raise up. You'll be able to feel that in your hips and of course inyour buttocks. And the best thing to do is

sort of put this into your routine and mixit up. You know you are using the machine normally like this, and after a couple ofminutes the thing to do would be to just grip the bars and lower yourself down. And at firstwhen you first start doing this just again remember to go slow. Technique in a form isthe most important thing to remember. So thank you very much and we'll be right back.

StairMasterStairmill Booty Blasting Cardio Routine Workout Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Hey guys so a lot of you liked my tread millroutine with the printable PDF and requested a Stairmaster routine so here it is. Thisis my 20 minute booty building Stairmaster routine. You will sweat, you will burn caloriesand you will work those glutes and again similar to the tread mill routine we don't do anythingfor more than one minute. So this work out is going to fly by. Be sure to print out thePDF or save it to your tablet or phone so that you can take it to the gym with you todo this workout. And if you don't have access to a Stairmaster be sure to check out my workoutWednesdays tread mill routine or the other workout Wednesday's tutorials that requireno equipment.

On the Stairmaster we are going to start withthe warm up for about three minutes at a level five. I want you to get used to just walkingon the Stairmaster because it can be a little bit funny. And do your best to not hold thebars to support your body weight. The bars are there for balance and I don't want youto feel like you are going to fall, so if you need to grab at them, of course do butwe don't want to depend on the bars for the entire workout. A good option is to keeplight fists on top of those bars so that way you're really close if you need to grab.If you feel like you are going to fall you still have those bars readily available ornot putting our entire body weight on the

machine. After the warm up we are going to take itup to an eight, which is going to be our base speed today. We are at an eight for almostthe entire workout, this is not so much an interval workout through speed, we are goingto keep the speed the same and we're going to instead change our movements. And if thisbase speed does feel a little bit fast, you can make your base speed a seven or a six,do what works for you. At that base level eight, we're going to start with a normalwalk for just one minute. Then we will continue to climb, keeping the speed an eight, andadding on a glute extension.

We aren't making the speed any faster butbecause we are adding that extension we have to walk a little bit faster up the stairsto get the leg up behind us. So it will feel a little bit faster without changing the speed.So again, even though we're not changing the physical speed on the machine, we'restill creating intervals and your heart rate is still going to get up. On that glute extension,make sure you are really squeezing that butt as you lift and not just mindlessly liftingit behind you. More squeeze means more booty work. We will then turn to one side and do a laterallock for one minute. Now here when you turn

by all means hold onto one bar or both ifneeded, just make sure your lower body is doing most of the work. An option is to addan extension out to the side so that we work those adductors, and again make sure you aresqueezing at the top. So we are there for one minute and then we turn all the way tothe back, we are going to walk up the stairs backwards. Please hold the bars on this one.I don't want anyone falling, again just do your best to use your lower body, but Idon't want anyone to let go and then fall because it is a little bit too easy when you'rewalking backwards to do that. There are no tricks for this interval, youjust walk and you think about what you are

doing and it's okay to have to think whenyou work out because you actually burn more calories. So we are making a circle around the Stairmasterbecause we go from the back then to the other side and laterally walk up the Stairmasterthat way. Again, option only if you want it, is to add that adductor work with the extension.We make it back around to the front and we are going to go back to either a normal walkor a walk with that glute extension that we did before. Then we have another minute, wherewe're walking with the glute extension, but the option here to make it even more challengingif you wanted, is to skip a step. So again,

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