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Amanda Latona Shows How She Gets Those Glutes Bodybuilding

Hey, everyone atBodybuilding . My name is Amanda Latona. I am the 2009 Flex Bikini ModelSearch championships winner. I am a Team BSN sponsoredathlete and an IFBB Bikini Pro, as well as a Muscle Fitness Hers cover model. I am here today going to showyou a pro bikini glute training workout so you, too, can havesculpted bikini glutes

like a pro. If you're a beginner atexercising, don't worry, don't be freaked out, I'm gonna walkyou right through everything. Start light. You know, you don't have to dothe heavy rep range or the heavy weights like I do, or don'tstart with all of the exercises. Say, choose threeinstead of five.

Although I train every body partonce a week, I actually train glutes twice a week. I do it once on a Monday whenI'm strong, I'm fresh, and I do it again on a Friday. I mean, who doesn't wanta great butt, righté Yeah. Butts are back.

Okay, guys. Here we are on the leg press. Today I'm choosing to do myfavorite positioning, which is feet together. It allows me to lift heavier,get a little more strength behind me, and also shapes theouter sleeves, which is a very nice look to have. We're gonna start heavy on this,so choose a weight that can

allow you to do 10 to 12 reps. If you need a spotter, get one. Safety is first, guys. Gotta keep it safe. So what you want to do isyou don't want to start down here.' cause you never want to haveyour knees going over your toes. I like to do rightin the middle.

Remember, the higher you go up,the more emphasis you get on the glutes, which is why we're here. Okay, here we go. Also, when you're doing this,remember to press through your heels. Whenever you press through yourheels, basically, I like to be able to lift my toes up, 'causethat's how I know that I'm definitely gettinghittingthe glutes.

Legs and Glutes Workout for Women Whats In My Kitchen No Excuse Girl

Hi everyone. it's Esther here. I hope you'redoing well. Um, just wanted to quickly take you through my refrigerator. Show you someof the groceries that I just bought. I just went to Costco and Ialso just went to thefarmer's market. So my fridge is pretty stocked up right now. So I just want to show you whatsorts of things I buy to support my workout routine and make sure I'm eating clean allthe time. Even if you don't have a gym routine you're doing or if you're not even exercisingright now, it's still good to see because it's things that will keep you healthy. It'sall healthy stuff in there. So, I will show you what's in there and then I also have mylegs and glutes workout in this tutorial as well

coming up right after we look in my refrigerator.So, stay tuned for that. But, if you have any questions on any of this. On what's inmy refrigerator, what sorts of things I eat, or on the workout, just comment below. I'lltry to answer them for you. So, let's go see what's in my fridge! We are in my freezer.So, just going to show you a few things. So this is actually ribeye steak. I don't eattoo much ribeye. This is more of a treat when I just want a little bit of red meat. ButI'll eat it maybe one a week or so. This is a big bag of broccoli. So this comes in handysince it's frozen. Um, when I run out of fresh vegetables I can always just eat this. Mahimahi. A good white fish. Ground bison. Lots

of chicken breast. Chilean sea bass. Thisis good stuff. My hands are freezing! Organic berries. This is really good for smoothiesand stuff like that. Dark sweet cherries. Another good thing for smoothies. Curry powder,which I hardly ever use! But, every once in a while. Ground turkey. Oat flour. This isstuff I'll use to bake cause I don't eat regular white flour. Unsweetened cocoa. I'll put thatin like protein smoothies and stuff like that. Bags and bags of these chia seeds. I needto use them more. Okay that was the freezer. So now we're in the refrigerator and Ihaveegg whites. Diet iced tea. I don't really drink this too much. This is more for my husband.I've got water. Lots of water I drink. Coffee.

These are my steel cut oats. I get them fromCostco. I also have these steel cut oats. Um, I don't eat them as much I like thesebetter. This is broccoli that I made. Sea asparagus. Good stuff. Just leftovers. Onions.These are um, Kirkland eggs. You can see I'm almost out of this one. I went ahead and boughtanother one already. This is leftover pizza. So, it's pretty much a staple cheat meal inmy household. so usually when I eat a cheat meal um, it's on the weekends. And I havepizza and wing night pretty frequently for a cheat meal. That's what that is. And thisis just a container of protein powder. I have protein powder kind of like all over the place.And this I bought at the farmer's market today.

So I got some eggplant. Zucchini. Bell pepper.I got red and green. cilantro. I also got some kale. And they don't put the kale inbags here when you go to the farmer's market so I just put it all down here. I'll probablymove it into my own bag shortly. Bacon crumbles. That's more for my husband than for me. Samehere. I don't really eat this. This is something my husband eats. But it's a pretty good um,you know low calorie snack. zero sugar, 6 grams of protein. Zero carbs. I have sugarfree maple syrup. I only use this every once in a while. When I'm making protein pancakes.Sriracha sauce. I have two kinds of salsa. I have this green chile salsa. And then Ihave this red salsa. Organic salsa medium

from Costco. This is organic butter. Garlic.Pickles. I hardly ever eat this. Sugar free strawberry preserves. I was on this kick inum Kona. I would put it on my protein pancakes also. And then the rest I think is just likevitamins and stuff. I won't go through all that. And then for spices I have himalayanpink salt. Lemon pepper. Organic seasoning. Peppercorn. Garlic. All these spices. Lotsof hot sauce. I don't really eat the honey anymore but it's there. I am a big lemon pepperfan. I like to put this on everything pretty much. I even have another container of it.Fats. So I mainly use coconut oil on most of my stuff. But occassionally I'll use thisif I need to just spray a pan. And, sesame

Bubble Butt Workout for Women 6 Exercises to Tone and Lift

The first exercise is toe Pointed Jump Squats.Standing with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed outward, lower intothe squat with your thighs parallel to the floor, keeping your knees above your toes.When you jump up, push off the balls of your feet and keep your toes pointed down. At thepeak flex your butt muscles before coming back down. You'll get the hang of it aftera few tries. Next is Front to Back Lunges. Standing straightup, feet shoulder width apart, hips and feet pointed straight ahead, step forward withone leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about 90 degrees. Make sure yourfront knee is above your ankle but not further.

Also make sure your other knee doesn't hitthe floor. Keep your weight on the heel of your front leg as you push back up to thestarting position. That counts for one rep. Keep your weight on the heel of your oppositeleg this time as you push back up to complete the second rep. Always remember, pushing offyour heels activates your glutes, or your butt muscles. Exercise number 3 is Side to Side Squats.The secret with side to side squats is coming down until your thigh is parallel to the floor,then pushing off your heel when you come up. When you come up to the middle, make sureto completely flex both glutes before lowering

down on the opposite leg. After doing a fullset in this way, you're butt muscles are going to really feel it. Next up is Reverse Lunge Knee Kicks. As youcan see, these are similar to fronttoback lunges that we did in exercise two. The onlydifference is, when you come up from the lunge, you'll be lifting your knee up. After youlunge back, make sure to push up off the heel of the leg in the forward position. When youkick your opposite knee up, completely flex the glute muscle of the leg you're standingon. That's where you're going to get the best results. And always remember to keep yourcore tight on all of these exercises. Usually

with any butt exercise you're going to bepushing off the heel. We like to call exercise five Ceiling Pushers.First, get on your hands and knees, then lower onto your elbows. Then, tighten your core,and lift one leg upward like you see Katya doing. Then lower your leg down, breathingin, until your knee tucks into your abdomen. This stretches the butt muscle before thenext repetition. The idea is to imagine pushing your heel up flat against the ceiling, completelycontracting your butt muscle at the top, while breathing out. If you want a really good burnwith this exercise, do them really slowly and pause for a 3 second count during theflex portion of the movement.

The final exercise is Bridge Kicks. Beginwith laying flat on your back, arms flat on the floor. Place one foot next to the kneeof your opposite leg. From here, keeping your core tight, lift your midsection by flexingthe butt muscle of your bent leg, while using your arms to balance yourself. Make sure tokeep your other leg straight as you raise it. Also make sure to breath out all the wayat the top of the movement. This exercise will also work your abdominals and hip flexorsas secondary muscles. The number of reps that you do for each oneof these sets is really up to you. Start with 10 reps. If it's too hard, lower the rep count.If it's not challenging enough, add more reps.

You're looking for a rep count that makesyou burn. The best results happen when you push your limits. Alright thanks for watching and subscribeto see more tutorials like this.

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