Exercise For The Buttocks Muscles

Correct Lunge Form to Get a Bigger Butt

To get a better workout for your butt, hips,thighs, and hamstrings, you can do elevated lunges like I'm doing here.But to get yourself set up to do elevated lunges, you need to start offwith your feet about one and a half to two foot lengths behind the box orthe platform you're using to do the elevated lunges on. Once you are in the starting position, getyour dumbbells and do elevated lunges like this. As you're doing lunges,make sure you keep your head up and look straight ahead. Although this exerciseis called a lunge, you

don't want to lunge forward as you squat down.You want to squat straight up and straight down by keeping your kneesbehind your toes. So, do not let the knee of the elevated leg glide over yourtoes. You want to squat down as far as you can untilthe knee of the leg that's not elevated touches the floor. Make sureyou come down slow enough so your knee only touches the floor. Don't come downso fast that you bang or hurt your knee on the floor. Make sure you do thisexercise on both legs. You want to keep your heels flat on the platformor box at all times while

doing this exercise. If you can't keep yourheels flat, use a lower platform or do regular lunges instead of elevatedlunges. If you want to get an even better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges, focus more on pushing through your heels by curlingup your toes slightly. Another thing you can do for a better buttworkout doing elevated lunges is to pause at the bottom for two to three secondsbefore squatting back up. One more option for getting a better buttworkout is to do elevated lunges on a higher platform. Instead of doing yourelevated lunges on a fiveinch

step, for example, you can better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges on higher five to teninch step or platform.

Butt Exercises Gluteus Maximus Ask Jo

Are you planning on going twerking this weekendéDo you want those booty muscles strongeré This tutorial's for you. Hey everybody it's Jo. I'm going to show you some simple strengthening exercises to get those gluteus maximus musclesstronger. Let's get started. The first exercise is going to be a simple squat. Squats arevery important in the fact that you need proper technique. A lot of people when they squatdown they bring their knees way in front of their toes, and all their weight is shiftedto their knees instead of these gluteus maximus muscles which are nice and strong. So to makethem stronger, for a squat you want to spread your feet out about shoulder width apart.Keep your feet nice and flat on the ground,

keeping the weight shift equal on the frontand the back, and stick the booty back and bring your chest forward. So your knees arealways staying behind your toes. You can use your arms as balancers if you need to. Youcan go down just a little bit for a mini squat or you can go way down into a deep squat andcome back up. You can start with just ten or fifteen, do two to three sets of those.If that is easy, then you can do a one legged squat. Now for me, I might have to hold ontothe couch a little bit for balance because you want to keep the same technique. So ifyour squatting down and your knee is going way over your toes, then you don't want todo it that way because that is going to damage

the knee. So same thing, try to keep yourfoot flat, keep your knee behind your toes, and stick your booty back. So your going backthis way, almost like your going into a runner's position, and then coming back up. Try andkeep it smooth. If your all over the place, or if your dropping down quick and tryingto come back up, your probably not ready for a single leg squat. But if you can go down,and come up, and maybe just use a little bit of balance to start off with, then try toget to about ten to fifteen with two or three sets. The next one is just going to be a lunge.Same thing with the lunges, you want to have proper technique. If you're bringing yourknee way in front of your toes, if you're

coming down wiggling, then your going to endup damaging something. Keep your front foot forward, and keep your back foot forward too.So not turned out, but going forward. Now for me, I like to do the lunge going straightdown. Bringing this knee down in the back so that knee doesn't go down in front of thetoes. If that's too deep for you, you can always put a book or something there as atarget, so you won't go down as far. But try not to go this way, go straight down keepingyour upper body in a vertical position. For this one, go ahead and get in to what we callquadruped or all fours. You want to make sure that your shoulders and your hands are directlyin alignment. So you don't want to be way

out here or and you don't want to be way underhere. You want to be fairly straight up and down. Now to get the gluteus maximus, youcan do two different ways. You can either bring your leg straight out, and come up.Try not to arch your back, you want it to be nice and straight. You can do 1015 ofthose, and then bend your knee, and lift your foot towards the ceiling, so you can isolateout that muscle. So again 1015, 23 sets. And the last one is going to be down on yourback. Basically, it's a bridge, but on one leg. So stick one leg out, and lift up. Ifyou can, hold it for about 23 seconds, and slowly come back down. You probably saw myleg shaking a little bit, your leg will probably

shake a little bit, but if you can, hold itfor a little bit, and don't just plop back down. Bring it nice and controlled comingback down. Those were some booty burning strengthening exercises to get the gluteus maximus stronger.If you have any questions, leave them in the comments sections, and if you would like tocheck out some other tutorials, go to askjo . Don't forget to follow me on Facebook andTwitter. Remember, be safe, have fun, watch my fanny Bailey, and I hope you feel bettersoon!.

Glute Bridge Exercise for Stronger Butt Muscles Ep38

In this tutorial I'm going to show you the glute bridge, a classic exercise to build stronger butt muscles getting your glutes working hard. Recently I posted a tutorial showing the singleleg bridge, which is a great exercise for building hip strength and developing strongglutes. Check out the description here on YouTube as I'll leave a link back to thattutorial. In this tutorial I want to look at the more typicalglute bridge exercise which we can use in buildingup towards a single leg bridge. Workingbilaterally both legs at once, we're giving the body a more symmetrical load, which inmy experience makes it easier for the runner

to focus on activating their butt muscles,getting they glutes working properly throughout the exercise. Stick around to the end of the tutorial as Iwant to share one tip with you, that will save you from making the one big mistake Isee people making all the time with this exercise, rendering it far less effective! So let's get you started lying on your back,with your heels close to your butt. Up to a point, the closer you set your heelsup towards your butt, the less likelihood there is that your hamstrings will take overin trying to achieve the hip extension required

for the bridging movement. From this point, engage your core musclesby drawing your bellybutton inwards gently, and clench your butt don't forget to breathe! You should feel that as you clench your buttmuscles, you can push your heels down into the ground and lift your hips high into theair. Depending on your programme, you can holdthis top position momentarily before descending back to the start position with control, oryou may want to add an isometric hold to the exercise, where you hold the top the movementfor 5,10 or up to 30 seconds.

Which ever option you're working on, makesure you remember to clench your butt muscles tight throughout. As you perform this glute bridge exercise,it's not uncommon to feel tightness in the front of the thighs as you get to the topof the movement. If you feel this strongly, it's a sure sign that you probably needto focus on some mobility work for your quads and hip flexors. I'll leave a link in the description hereon YouTube to a page on the kinetic revolution website where you can download our hip mobilityand glute activation workouts guide.

Another thing to be aware of is to take careof your low back. I want you to be feeling the exercise in your glutes, the butt muscles…not the muscles of your low back. If you can feel them getting tight, it's probably asign that your overly extending (arching) though your low back. If this sounds familiar try not to pushquite as high with your hips, and this should feel easier on the back. Ok, so here's the big mistake I see so manypeople make with a glute bridge and it's such a simple one…

When they begin to push their feet into theground to lift the hips up, they push through the forefoot, rather than the heel. Driving the heel solidly into the ground encouragesyou to engage your glutes and hamstrings more effectively through the movement, while shiftingthe weight forwards on your foot places more of an emphasis on your quads. We want thisto be a glute exercise, hence the name. So be sure to setup with your weight in yourheels, so that you can wiggle your toes throughout the movement. Good luck with this one. If you have any questions,leave them in the comments here on YouTube

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