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Exercises to Work Glutes Best Glute Exercises At Home

Hi everyone. Today, I want to show you someexercises you can do to work your glute, work your backside, thatés not going to affectyour knees. These are simple movements that you can do in your home and get big results.This is what I do, what I have my clients do. Letés get started. The very first thing,all youére going to have to do is to get on all fours .You are going to be on your handsand knees. You are going to pull your core in.This looks super simple but you will see that this will actually be very, very effectivefor the backside of your leg and your glute. You are going to extend your leg out, youcan flex your foot if you would like or point

to your toes. Ités up to you and then juststarts with the leg circles. I call this all four series, because there is a series thatyou can do to really maximize the burn and the effects that youére going to receive.I am circling my foot, like Iém tracing my foot, making imaginary circle from behind,then I alternate that circle going the other direction. Now ités starting to get a littlebit warm. After I have done that for about 30 seconds, 30 seconds on one direction, 30seconds in the other, then just lift and lower. Ités really squeezing that glute, but keepingyour core hold in. Lift and lower. You are going to do twelve of those.Then you are going to take your knee about

the height of your elbow. Bring it towardsyour elbow and extend your foot back, just like this. Ités kind of like a dove beingon a fire hydrant, I know thatés weird. Thatés what you like to visualize. You donét wantto have that knee drop down or you are not going to get that outer glute section, sojust this movement, then your standard donkey kick.Do twelve knees to elbow and extend back. Then take your heel and pretend like you arestomping the ceiling up and down, just like this. You are going to do twelve of those,then you are going to do your other side. Thatés your all fours series. By the timeyouére done, they would we streaming and you

save your knees from squats and lounges.The other one that I want to show you is youére going to lay on to your back. You are goingto bring your knees in kind of close to your glutes, so that when you extend out into theslide position, your heels is about the width of your armpits and your legs are in 90 degrees.You are just going to lower down slowly, lift up, come into your slide position and squeezethe glute, really squeeze, keeping your knees in the position of your armpits. Donét extendthem out, donét close them completely in. Your down and your ups, squeezing, poweringto the heels, my toes are lifted, down and up, really squeeze. Youére going to do fifteenof these. Down and up squeezing.

Once youére done with fifteen, you are goingto come up. Stay right here, squeezing with everything you have then pulse on your knees.Just like this, squeezing your inner thighs together for fifteen, excellent movement.If you want to take it up a notch, lift one foot up, do that same series down and up withone leg lifted really maximizing the side of the glute and then switch it out, so fifteenon each side. Wonderful exercise to really tone up the glute, fire your core as welland save your knees. The last thing I want to show you, if youdonét have glides, which I love having glides. They are super inexpensive. You can orderthem online. You can take paper plates, if

youére on carpet or you can take wash clothesif youére on a hard wood floor. You are going to place your heels on the glides,going to lay your self back down, lift your hips up. This is harder than it looks. Youéregoing to be careful with this at first. Slowly extend your feet out and then pull in yourheels into those glutes, just like that. Inhale, exhale, pull in. Iém not only getting my glutebut Iém getting all my hamstring as well, so out and in.I like to finish my glute series with fifteen of these wonderful movements. Thereés a lotyou can do, but stay tuned, I will always keep teaching you enhancing what you learnedabout how to maximize your glute and how it

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