Glute Workout Smith Machine

Smith Machine Squat Leg Exercise Bodybuilding

First, set the bar to aheight that best matches your height. Once you selected the correctheight and loaded up the bar, step under the bar and place iton the back of your shoulders. Hang onto the bar with both armsat your sides and the palms of your hands facing forward. Unlock the weight and lift itoff the rack by simultaneously pushing with your legs andstraightening your torso.

Position your legs in ashoulderwidth stance with your toes pointed slightly out. Be sure to keep your head upat all times and maintain a straight back. This will be yourstarting position. Now, inhale and begin to slowlylower the weight by bending your knees while maintaininga straight posture with your head up.

Continue to lower down until youform around a 90 degree angle with your upper legs and calves. Be sure to not let your kneespass your toes while lowering the weight. Finally, exhale and raisethe bar back to the starting position. Use the balls of your feetto press the weight up while simultaneouslystraightening your legs as well.

When you're finished, lockthe bar back on the rack. ♪♪♪.

How to Get an Incredible Butt with 4 Exercises by Rob Riches Prozis

Hey, guys, welcome back to the workout show with me, Rob Riches, filmed for ProzisTV. We are at the worldfamous Gold's Gym, in Venice, California. Usually beautifully sunshining and hot outside, but today is one of the rare days that we have rain. But that's not going to let us stop today's episode which is all about legs, and the glutes. Yes, the buttocks, the derriere, the rear, whatever your want to call it,

men also have to train it. Not necessarily especifically just the glutes,but, when it comes to leg training, we need certain exercises that will, in fact,train, engage and work the glutes. Afterall, they're part of a complete physique. Whether you're looking to do competitions, athletics or just play sports, having strong glutes is definitely a bonus. So, here are my 4 exercises

that will train the legs and really work the glutes hard. Starting off with Walking Lunges. Now, with this one, we are going to step the legs a little further apart, engage more the hamstrings, a nice, long stance, deep,knee down towards the ground, but we are not going to let the knee touch the ground, we are going to keep tension in the muscle and as we push up,

we are going to really work the glutes. Step that back leg through, nice long steps forward and keep that momentum going. Secondly, of course, good oldfashioned Squats. But with this one, we are going to do this on a smith machine, step forwards a little bit

more than we would normally do it if we were doing it with a barbell, and really sit down deep into that squat, pushing the hips and the buttocks back and down. Really get those glutes low towards the ground, stretch around the hips, and, as we push back up, engage the glutes pushing the hips forwards at the end. Ok, exercise number 3,

a Leg Press. And for this one, we are going to keepour feet position pretty high on the foot plate. Again, another great exercise that will engage more the hamstring muscle, but, as we lower that foot plate down, bringing the knees towards our shoulders, the glutes will really start to activate. Lift slightly up from that seated position,

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