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Glute Medius The Weakest Muscle in Your Lower Body

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . I'm going to show you today how to addressthe most underdeveloped, weakest muscle in your lower body, bar none. By doing so, we're going to help to improveyour big lifts. Like the squats, dead lifts, and certainlyany single leg activity because the muscle group that we're talking about here todayis the glute medius. Unless you're having a concerted effort inyour programming to train this muscle, you're

probably not doing it and you're leaving yourselfexposed to a lot of other damage down the kinetic chain. Most of that in the knees because we knowthat if you have weakness and instability up at the hips it's going to affect the positionof the knees and that most often will result in too much torque, and pain, and injury inthe knee. So what we can do for the glute medius is,we can do this in a lot of different ways. The first way to do it is to get up here againstthe wall, okayé Lift up your leg here.

This is not the leg we're actually workingbecause in order to get the glute medius, what we want to be able to do is abduct thehip straight out to the side. Now, when we do a closed chain it looks alittle different than it would traditionally as people know as abduction of the hip. This way. Straight out to the side. Well, when we do with our foot fixed on theground and you drop the hip out to the side, you're actually squeezing in.

you can see if I kept it going it's not differentwith the hip ending up out here on the outside of my body. So you will just allow yourself to get lazy. Drop down to the side. Allow your hips to drop down in this direction. The only thing that can actually bring themback up now if you do this right is the contraction right here of the glute medius, leaving itstraight across. Sideways.

You should feel it tightening right here inthe hip. Right in the butt. You come straight across and you try to liftyour hips up even a little bit more at an angle this way. You feel the squeeze, you let it drop andget lazy. Feel the squeeze, let it drop and get lazy. If you can't do 20 of these in a really slow,contracted way, squeezing every single time without the burn becoming something you can'teven tolerate, then you really, really have

weak hips. Even doing exercises like the squat when you'rebeing told to keep your knees out as you go down is going to become very difficult foryou and is going to be somewhat problematic when you try to keep your knees healthy whenyou're doing squats. But you guys know that there's different levelsfor different people. We can make this more difficult by addingsome resistance. So if we find that our athletes are strongenough in the bodyweight version then we add the ball.

8 Minute Butt Workout TOTAL GLUTE BURN

Hey, you guys! I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXfor Women, and today I have a quick glute workout for you to do. Come on, let's go! Set your timers for eight rounds, ten secondsof rest, and 50 seconds of work. If you want to double this, please do, if you have thetime. 16 rounds, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds of work. We're going to start off on the ground.We're going to do a ceiling stomp. So, you're going to get on all fours – wedon't need this yet – and you're going to put one foot up and you're going to stompthe ceiling. It's just a small movement. Your knee isn't coming down that far. I don'twant this swinging motion.

Just stay right here and hold it and squeezeit. That is exercise number one. So you'll do that for 50 seconds. Number two, we'regoing to switch legs and you'll do the same thing. Just make sure you contract it andgo as high as you can. Number three, now we're going to need thissucker. You're going to get on your back and you're going to put this across your hips.Knees bent, you're going to put one foot up in the air and you're going to drop and lift.So you're going to push through your heel. That's it. Your toes can even come up off the ground.You're going to just go up, down. Okayé Then

exercise number four, we're going to switchand you'll do the same thing. Keep the weight across your hips and thrust your hips up intothe air, pushing through your heel. That burns. Okay, then we're going to hold the squat.So for 50 seconds I want you to hold a squat. If you would like to use weight you can. You'rejust going to hold it, just here, for 50 seconds. If it starts to get hard, drop the weight,get back down and hold it. Then, because it's now about to get reallyhard, we're going to do squat pulses. Now it's a small movement up and down. That isnumber six. So number five, you're holding the squat. Number six, you're doing squatpulses. Number seven, plan kick ups. I love

this exercise. On your elbows you're going to kick your footup to the air, point your toe, and hold it for just a second. Then alternate. Your lastexercise is Superman. I like this one because it targets your glutes, and also up here,and strengthens your back. So, what you want to do is extend your armsand your legs, and you're going to squeeze it at the top for just s second, and thenrelease. Then up, release. Those are your eight exercises. Good job! All right, I hopeyou guys enjoyed that. That is a burner for sure, even in just eight minutes.

If you'd like to double the workout then setyour timer for 16 rounds and you can get double the burn. Awesome job you guys! I will seeyou next time. I am Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXforWomen .

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