Ways To Tone Your Bum At Home

GLUTES EXERCISE TUTORIAL 8 Best Buttocks Exercises To Lift Tone Your Booty

whatsup guys its Max Barry owner of Max'sBest Bootcamp and this is my friend and personal trainer Marta what's up Martha and these arethe 8 best glutes exercises of all time we're going to demonstrate both bodyweight and weighted buttocks exercises and show you exactly how to perform themproperly at the end of this tutorial tutorial we're going to give you some suggestions on how you can incorporate them into your gluteus maximus workouts solet's build a better booty right now alright guys time to get into theseglutes exercises first move we're starting

right now we're going to hit the deck let's go ahead down Martha all rightfirst move is donkey kicks now we're going to show you a fewvariations she's starting on the knees hands right below the shoulders she's going on the forearms get a littlemore range of motion let's give them a couple good reps just driving the legsqueezing the glutes as she's coming up a lot of people do these on the hand show me a few of those but we find alittle less range of motion there and

she's going to be feeling more in theback so we might be for our version there if you want to really step it up let's go ahead and show on the plyo dnkey kick version and this is going to actually without the jump she's just gonna drivethe knee under drive it up and then drive it now if you want to step it upshe's going to add a plyometric option right here wow nice and obviously you do that onboth sides donkey kicks love em nice Martha good nextmove move number two that we're going to

show you is actually going to be facingup in a supine position glute bridges gotta love let's go ahead in the deckagain this time we're facing up now she's going to make sure to keep theheels down to the ground and pull the toes up a little bit about shoulderwidth apart and we're just going to drive the booty up hip up and down bodyweight version as long as you to squeeze the glutes on every breath like she's doing you're going to be feeling it throughthe back side lift in the booty

now another option is to go one leg so she can try just raising one leg updriving it up and she's straightening the legs she's coming up that's an option where you can just keepit bent and drive it up and you obviously do both sides couple otherways you can step it up add some weight to the movement so Marta is going with a sandbag here it's the same principles applyreally squeezing the glute muscles at the top. also a kettlbell or barbell works too.

nice another option is to go with yourfeet elevated on the box and add some weight so right here we're going withthe sandbag but you can also use some dumbbells or barbell right across thehead nice next move is box step step up now it's a great body weight drill hey you don't have a box you can find abench or a stool that's low maybe a coffee table ifyou want to do these glute exercises at home works great and she just go on one legat a time

Tighten and Tone Your Glutes

Hey Danette May here. I'm so excited to have you join me. Today I'm gonna share with you two moves you can do to really tone and liftyour glutes. Now I want you to know that you can do this movement if you aretight on time and still see results the key to seeing results is being consistent.So if you are tight on time do these two movements backtoback and keep rocking out your workouts every single day I want to add a little point to this I'vebeen studying all about the ancient forms of healing and how all the musclegroups tied to your motion that I have to tell you I found out the glute muscleis tied to your heart the pericardium

around your heart so working out yourglute can actually help you increase in your love muscle. So I know that's allexciting so really put the heart into this let's do this I'm going to show you amodification you can do as well just in case you're not at this level that i'mgonna share with you right now but let's get started first thing we're gonna doyou gonna make sure you warmed up you're going to get into a lunge position ifyou can see my toes I'm going to step forward and down I'm staying nice and low I'm not lifting my glutes up I'm going down and up we're gonna go for 10 oneach side just like this

stay with me power through your heel ofthe front foot and then make sure wiggling your toes just like this almost there and.good switch it out, bring the other one back get nice and to that nice lunge anddown right now I'm into this lunge getting really deep into the pocket ofthe glute getting that underneath part of the glute and really pressing inthrough that heel what's gonna happen is my chest is staying pretty close tomy quad the top of my leg to make sure I maximizing my results in my glute ok now here we go for the fun part we're gonna go into Butt Burpee yes I said Butt Burpee you're in your plank I'll show you

modification in a minute you're right here jump up wide squat hands up jump back jump up we're going for 10 just like this.staying nice and wide now if you'd like you're not ready for that jump up just step bringit step bring it back step bring it back were working everything in this movement we'reworking our abs, we're working our shoulders, we're working the back side of our glutes so we're gettingheart rate up that's why I'm saying this it's so effective if your tight on timeyou gonna notice a lift in your glutes You're going to notice an overallfitness level because your heart is up

Ooh and last one and.nice job now take a ten to thirty second rest depending on what you need getting a little sip water and do two morerounds you've got this now we would love for you to leave your comments below clicklike on this tutorial let me know that you liked it share with your friends and leave yourcomment below let me know did you get your workout inwhat did you love about this tutorial how many rounds were you able to do I lovehearing from you and let's share this with everyone it's so important thateveryone has a workout they can do that

doesn't take tons of time sending you somuch love today have an amazing day!.

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