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Cardio Booty Workout HIIT FOR YOUR BUTT

Hey, you guys! I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXfor Women and today we're doing a workout that is going to target some cardio and yourglutes. Let's go! Okay, there are 16 different exercises thatwe're doing. We're going to repeat a couple of them in that 16 rounds. So stay with mebecause I'm going to go a little fast. You are going to set your timer for 16 rounds.32 rounds if you want to double it, for all you crazy people out there. We're going to start with number one whichis a skater burpee. I'm going to go through these kind of quick. We've got 16 to go through,so are you readyé Skater burpee. It starts

off like a burpee. Hands down, jump back,push up, jump forward, now here comes skater jumps. One, two. If you want to take the skater part out ofit and just give me two jump lunges at the top; awesome. Modification, you can do thepushup from your knees, or you can take it out. Moving on, number two. Double high knees.Knee, knee, foot, foot. Moving on. Number three. Again, I said I'm going to go through thisa little quick, so if you need to take a pause, write it down, hit start, I'm going to goquick. Number three, curtsy lunge, forward

and backward jump. These are awesome and theyhurt so awesome. Curtsy lunge right, back. Then you're going to go here for the forwardand back. Now the other leg's going to go back. You'vegot the idea. Ow. All right. Number four. Inside feet. So, like those double high kneeswhen we're ending up on the inside feet. You're going to stay here for 50 seconds. Then numberfive. Two jump squats with four mountain climbers. The mountain climbers, your knee is goingto cross under. So you're going to give me two jump squats.One, two, get on the ground for your mountain climbers, but your knees are going to go underfor one, two, three, four. One, two, one,

two, three, four. Awesome. Number six. Highknees. Just straight high knees. I've said this in workouts before, this is not highknees. Please, drive your arms and get your knees up. It's a sprint. That was number six. Number seven. Plank leglifts. We're going to target the glutes. So you're going to get in the plank position.Make sure your body is flat. I don't want to see this. Okay, body is flat, extend, andsqueeze at the top for one second. Alternate, squeeze. Keep your abs in. that is numberseven. Number eight. Scissor – these are scissor kicks. I call these scissor feet.

So you're going to stay up, shoulders back,chest back, abs in, and just back and forth. I'm getting the cardio in in between thesestrengthening exercises. Next is going to be push up. Now we're going to hit the arms.I'm throwing a little bit of a different exercise in there because we're hitting the legs anddoing so much cardio. Let's take the focus off it for just one exercise and hit the arms. So, we're going to keep your hands like thisand you're going to go down into a pushup with your feet out, and back. Modification,just give me pushups from your knees and just go down. If you want to make it harder youdo SEAL pushups, or diamond pushups as some

people call them. Then you're going to dothe same thing. Okay. Number 10. Double high knees. So we're going back and putting those high– I think I did four different cardio exercises. We're sliding them in there. So we're backto high knees. So we are knee, knee, foot, foot, okayé That is number 10. Number 11 isa squat with a quarter turn. So you're going to give me jump, squat, and turn. So here'swhat it is. So we're doing this, turn, this is what I had in mind. But I know there's some people who love achallenge. So instead of having just the hops,

GLUTES EXERCISE TUTORIAL 8 Best Buttocks Exercises To Lift Tone Your Booty

whatsup guys its Max Barry owner of Max'sBest Bootcamp and this is my friend and personal trainer Marta what's up Martha and these arethe 8 best glutes exercises of all time we're going to demonstrate both bodyweight and weighted buttocks exercises and show you exactly how to perform themproperly at the end of this tutorial tutorial we're going to give you some suggestions on how you can incorporate them into your gluteus maximus workouts solet's build a better booty right now alright guys time to get into theseglutes exercises first move we're starting

right now we're going to hit the deck let's go ahead down Martha all rightfirst move is donkey kicks now we're going to show you a fewvariations she's starting on the knees hands right below the shoulders she's going on the forearms get a littlemore range of motion let's give them a couple good reps just driving the legsqueezing the glutes as she's coming up a lot of people do these on the hand show me a few of those but we find alittle less range of motion there and

she's going to be feeling more in theback so we might be for our version there if you want to really step it up let's go ahead and show on the plyo dnkey kick version and this is going to actually without the jump she's just gonna drivethe knee under drive it up and then drive it now if you want to step it upshe's going to add a plyometric option right here wow nice and obviously you do that onboth sides donkey kicks love em nice Martha good nextmove move number two that we're going to

show you is actually going to be facingup in a supine position glute bridges gotta love let's go ahead in the deckagain this time we're facing up now she's going to make sure to keep theheels down to the ground and pull the toes up a little bit about shoulderwidth apart and we're just going to drive the booty up hip up and down bodyweight version as long as you to squeeze the glutes on every breath like she's doing you're going to be feeling it throughthe back side lift in the booty

now another option is to go one leg so she can try just raising one leg updriving it up and she's straightening the legs she's coming up that's an option where you can just keepit bent and drive it up and you obviously do both sides couple otherways you can step it up add some weight to the movement so Marta is going with a sandbag here it's the same principles applyreally squeezing the glute muscles at the top. also a kettlbell or barbell works too.

nice another option is to go with yourfeet elevated on the box and add some weight so right here we're going withthe sandbag but you can also use some dumbbells or barbell right across thehead nice next move is box step step up now it's a great body weight drill hey you don't have a box you can find abench or a stool that's low maybe a coffee table ifyou want to do these glute exercises at home works great and she just go on one legat a time

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