Workout For Outer Glutes

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Summer Workout with Jessica Legs Glutes

Jessica Matthews, ACEcertified Personal Trainer: Hi, I'm Jessica Matthews with the American Council on Exercise and for the final installment of our summer series, Tony and I are going to walk you through some fun, easy, and effective exercises to sculpt and tone your lower body. As with any strengthtraining program, we'll progress our exercises to target larger muscles first, before proceeding to smaller muscle groups. Today we'll begin with a squat, which will target the quadriceps, the hamstrings, and the glutes. Tony begins with his feet hipbone distance apart. To move into the squat, he'll bend at the knees, pushing his hips back like he's sitting into a low chair.

His arms will extend out in front as he lowers the thighs parallel with the ground and the knees bent at a 90degree angle. He'll then rise up to a starting position, lowering the arms down at the side, and repeat. A variation for the squat is to incorporate a sponge ball to target the hip adductors. Another compound exercise for the lower body is the lunge, which also targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and the glutes. To begin, Tony stands also with his feet hipbone distance apart. Moving into the lunge, he'll take a large step forward with the right foot, bending at the knee, dropping to a 90degree angle, until the thigh becomes parallel with the ground.

He'll then rise up to his starting position and repeat with the opposite leg. Noticing here that the weight is situated in his front heel, when he lunges forward, the back knee is bent with the weight situated in the ball of the foot. Moving to the lower leg, Tony will perform heel raises. This simple and effective exercise targets the gastrocnemious and the soleus. To perform, Tony simply rises up onto the toes and plantar flexion. He then lowers the heels to the start position, and he'll repeat the series, keeping the core engaged to stabilize the spine and the pelvis.

Targeting the hip abductors, Tony will lie on his side and perform an outer thigh lift. So, with the bottom arm extended and his head resting on the arm, he'll use his top hand for support on the mat. The top leg is extended fully. The bottom let is bent at the knee. And to perform the exercise, Tony will simply raise the top leg up, targeting the outer thigh, and he'll lower down. Keeping the knee and the hips pointed forward, he'll engage the core to stabilize the pelvis. Targeting the opposing muscle now, the hip adductors, Tony will perform a side line inner thigh lift. So, starting in the same position as our last exercise, the bottom leg is now extended along the mat, and Tony brings his top leg, with the knee bent, over the bottom leg,

using that hand for additional support through the spine, maintaining neutral alignment. To begin the exercise, Tony will lift that bottom leg off of the mat and lower to the starting position. This exercise, although the range of motion is small, is very effective in targeting the inner thigh muscles. To maintain neutral alignment, Tony engages his abdominals, stabilizing the pelvis and the low back, and he avoids external rotation of the thigh by keeping the bottom knee pointed forward. So, remember, these exercises, when used in conjunction with regular cardio training, and proper nutrition, are a great way to sculpt and strengthen your lower body. Thanks for tuning in for our summer series.

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Resistance Band Exercises Resistance Band Exercises Outer Thigh

Hi I'm going to demonstrate how to do outerthigh work using exercise tubing. A yellow band is going to be your light resistance,a green band is your medium resistance and red is your heavy resistance so I'm goingto try a green today. You are going to take the band and place it in the arch of yourfeet, make sure that it is there and it is not in the ball of your feet, take your bodylay it all the way down on to your back and make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Youwant the shoulders down the spine away from your ears. You want to grab on to the bandwith one hand, the opposite hand is just going to hold on to the bottom where the handlesare. The higher up you choke the harder, the

lower down the easier so find where you arecomfortable here. Your heels are driving towards the ceiling and feet are flat. We are goingto open out and then come back in so what you want to look for when you are doing theseis that you are not trying to go way out and in or find that you are too short so findthat comfortable medium. Exhale and inhale just straight out and in. There is a slightbend in your knees but not too much. If you want to apply more resistance choke up onthe band with both hands and come straight out with it. If it is still too easy for youtry adding another band so that you have two bands as your resistance and we are goingto try to do probably between 15 and 20 repetitions

because 8 to 10 reps is not going to probablybe enough on this one. You have got to get that muscle warmed up to get it going andcontracting. We are working gluts and outer thighs, try to do reps to fatigue and thenadd some little pulses at the end so you are doing 1 to 2 inch moves, keeping the legsout, pause and you are going to feel a really strong burn in the glut, take a break, bringthe knees in to your chest and then come back up to your second set. Repeat that. It isa slow controlled motion first and then add your pulses. This is going to really firethose fast twitch muscles and get those gluts burning for you. So take a break in betweenyour sets and do reps to fatigue. That is

what is going to get it the most and thatis how we work the outer thighs and gluts using exercise tubing.

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