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Amanda Latona Shows How She Gets Those Glutes Bodybuilding

Hey, everyone atBodybuilding . My name is Amanda Latona. I am the 2009 Flex Bikini ModelSearch championships winner. I am a Team BSN sponsoredathlete and an IFBB Bikini Pro, as well as a Muscle Fitness Hers cover model. I am here today going to showyou a pro bikini glute training workout so you, too, can havesculpted bikini glutes

like a pro. If you're a beginner atexercising, don't worry, don't be freaked out, I'm gonna walkyou right through everything. Start light. You know, you don't have to dothe heavy rep range or the heavy weights like I do, or don'tstart with all of the exercises. Say, choose threeinstead of five.

Although I train every body partonce a week, I actually train glutes twice a week. I do it once on a Monday whenI'm strong, I'm fresh, and I do it again on a Friday. I mean, who doesn't wanta great butt, righté Yeah. Butts are back.

Okay, guys. Here we are on the leg press. Today I'm choosing to do myfavorite positioning, which is feet together. It allows me to lift heavier,get a little more strength behind me, and also shapes theouter sleeves, which is a very nice look to have. We're gonna start heavy on this,so choose a weight that can

allow you to do 10 to 12 reps. If you need a spotter, get one. Safety is first, guys. Gotta keep it safe. So what you want to do isyou don't want to start down here.' cause you never want to haveyour knees going over your toes. I like to do rightin the middle.

Remember, the higher you go up,the more emphasis you get on the glutes, which is why we're here. Okay, here we go. Also, when you're doing this,remember to press through your heels. Whenever you press through yourheels, basically, I like to be able to lift my toes up, 'causethat's how I know that I'm definitely gettinghittingthe glutes.

BT Big Button 200 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

(Phone Rining) Hello Darren speaking pardon, £500,000 no I am sorry I said £750,000 and not a penny less OK. Sorry about that!!! Welcome to the Telephones Online studio and welcome to the latest in our tutorial presentations. My name is Darren and today we are going to be having a look at the BT Big Button 200, which really is as you can see a BIG button corded phone. Its got some really nice features on here but I would just like to start by pointing out a few

of the advantages of having a corded phone. A corded phone doesn't require any power other than 4 AA Batteries just to keep the memory intact, so in the event of a power you would be able to dial out any number on this which is very useful. Its got a handsfree speaker phone which works really well, excellent sound quality and you can adjust the volume up and down. The handset is a nice design its a really snug fit against your ear so you won't

miss understand anyone through any conversation because the sound quality is so great. Its also Hearing Aid friendly thanks to a inbuilt inductive coupler which is very useful, and because of the big buttons there is going to be no more miss dialing the numbers you will definitely dial the right number with these extra large buttons. Its got extra sound quality as well with 3 different levels of ringing volume you can adjust them from the controls on the back. Numbers 0 through to 9

you can set them as quick dial, so all the important numbers you have to dial such as friends and family which makes it useful. Also has a built in quot;1571quot; button so with the BT's answer phone service you will be able to know when you get a message, the LED will flash on there. There is also a quot;Battery Lowquot; indicator for the AA Alkaline batteries that go in the back of the unit. Its got a inbuilt

desktop mount as well which is really good, I really like the BT Big Button 200 I think its got a really nice retro look about it. Its available for really low prices at our website telephonesonline. Thanks for watching.

Teens Use Flip Phones For The First Time

Oh, man, it's like a calculator. (techno music) I know that if a flip phonefalls, you don't have to worry about it breaking the screen. I know that they flip and they're old. Kind of basic as far as cell phones go. (techno music) What is thisé

This isn't real, thisisn't real, it's a toy. It doesn't even have a screen. Dang, this is hella basic. Where's the on buttoné (cell phone dialing) I'm guessing this is somesort of a pager kind of thing. Wait, is it only for callingé That's so sad, and it's uglytoo, this is really ugly.

When I hold this, I think Icould be in the 19whenever. (techno music) So this one's got a screen, two screens. This one is taking forever to turn on. Maybe if I whip out theantenna, it'll go faster. (cell phone music) Oh, it has music. It's got a nice moving fish background.

You can have pictures,but you can't take them. So no selfies for you. (cell phone dialing) Helloé It actually works. It's still alive. Wow, it is pretty durable. Don't do that to my phone.

(techno music) Here it is, the Razr. I always wanted one ofthese in elementary school. It's pink, it's cute, it's flat. Okay, this one is pretty,it looks more elegant. And it is much slimmerthan the other ones. Oh, look, the (cell phone music)

Tetris. Looks like we got senta Greek text on this. I'm sending a text to myself. So you've got to pressthe numbers multiple times to get to the letter that you want. Where's your space baré Oh, no space bar. Oh, I figured it out,the space is the hashtag.

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