Best Exercises To Build Glute Muscles

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Best Glute Exercises For Mass The Barbell Hip Thrust

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here, BodyTransformationTruth ,and in this tutorial I'm going to be teaching you how to do, what is pretty widely regardedas the very best direct glute exercise available, and that is the hip thrust, and more specificallyI'll be showing you the barbell hip thrust variation which is the most commonly usedversion and the one that I typically recommend first. So basic lower body compound exerciseslike squats and deadlifts and leg presses etcetera. these definitely do hit your gluteseffectively, but for people who want to build up their glutes to their maximum size andstrength potential, you do need to be including some direct glute training in your plan aswell and that's because the standard leg

exercises that are going to be used in mostbodybuilding programs, these exercises don't allow for full extension of your hip joint,which is the primary function that the glutes perform. So squatting down to parallel orperforming a leg press or a set of stifflegged deadlifts, these do involve hip extension,but not through the full possible range of motion. Also keep in mind that direct glutetraining will benefit you beyond just basic improvements in strength and appearance, italso plays a role in boosting up your squatting strength, improving your deadlifting lockoutpower, improving sprinting speed, and just all around totalbody functioning. So, I wouldn'tsay that direct glute training is mandatory,

but if building up the size and strength ofyour glutes is something that you're specifically aiming for, then again, you do need some directwork and the barbell hip thrust would be my top recommendation. Hip thrusts put your bodyinto the best position to allow for full hip extension and to help you get the deepestcontraction in your glutes possible. Now these do look a little bit weird and you might feelslightly embarrassed performing them at first, I know that I usually get at least one confusedlook from someone at the gym pretty much every time that I do these, but if reaching yourtraining goals is more important to you than a few awkward stares, then this is the liftthat you need to be doing for your glutes.

So let's go over the proper form and technique,because it's very important that you do these correctly in order to make sure thatit's your glutes that are doing the bulk of the work, as well as to minimize the stresson your lower back as well. So, you're going to start by sitting perpendicular againsta flat bench and rolling a loaded barbell into the crease of your hips. Position yourfeet about shoulder width apart or slightly wider, with your toes pointing either straighthead or just slightly outward. Grab the bar using an overhand grip just outside of yourhips and wedge your midback into the bench. Keep your head in a neutral position, keepyour chest and your ribcage flat rather than

puffed out, and keep your lower back neutralrather than arched, and from there just press through your heels and drive yourself up untilyour hips are fully extended and your torso is about parallel to ground Really focus onengaging your glutes as much as possible on each rep and always make sure to drive theweight up under smooth control without any jerky movements or excessive use of momentum.Once you reach the top of the movement, pause briefly and consciously contract your gluteswith force before lowering yourself back down again. Now you can either go all the way downuntil the plates touch the floor, or you can stop midair before performing your next rep.Also keep in mind that the specific distance

that you place your feet away from the benchwill depend on your individual body structure as well as your limb length, and your goalshould be to just find whatever distance causes your shins to be either vertical or just slightlyangled backward once you reach full hip extension at the top of the movement. Now if you'rejust starting out with this exercise then you'll likely find it to be pretty uncomfortableto have the bar directly pressing against your hips, in which case you'll want toplace a pad or a towel around the bar to make it more comfortable, however, just keep inmind that you'll probably find that after several weeks of consistent hip thrustingthe discomfort will decrease by quite a bit

Gender Wars 3 Exercises to Build the Perfect Butt

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer with DangerouslyHardcore bringing you another Tubecast today. Alex Navarro and I have a little competitiongoing on. We each decided that we would discuss what body parts our gender likes most in theopposite gender. We are going to post a Series of tutorials: describing those body parts, obviously…probably not too much detail, and exercises to make them better. And we are going to seewho gets more likes on their tutorials or more total views. But anyway I thought I would start off thisSeries. And I would bet a lot of people out there would guess what I'm going to say.Men like breasts and although it's like

5050 between that and the next most favoritebody part, there is really not much training you can do to exaggerate the breasts for females.There is something nutritionally you can do but I wanted to start with glutes in the exercisesthat you can do. Guys love glutes or at least, serious guys love glutes. That's why guyswho train hard and care about how they look usually don't date runners because runnershave flat horrible asses. So, one thing you can do. And the problemI find that most women have when they are trying to build their glutes – their glutesdon't build very well. And That's because they don't know how to activate them orthey sit a lot. Well, if you sit a lot, your

glutes learn not to activate. So you got tobring those back to life. I found a series of three exercises that areexcellent for waking your glutes up and getting them to work again. The first one is The Single Leg Dumbbell DeadLift. Notice carefully that the dumbbell that you hold. You hold the dumbbell in the oppositeend of the foot you stand on and you hold the dumbbell over that foot as you go down.You hinge at the hip. It's a great exercise. You need to play with your knee position andstay sitting back until you fillin the glute. There is another reason, if you notice themodel, it's actually Alex – she has her

hand and her hip. that's a type of neuralfeedback to help that glute activate. The next exercise is The Abductor, affectionallyknown as the ‘Yes Machine' in many gyms. But if you do that properly, and you archyour back really hard – when you open up, you can actually feel it. And you'll seeit in the tutorial, you'll see the upper glutes, which is really a problem area, for one. You'llsee the upper glute activate. It brings a whole glute up and starts to wake up the glute. And then finally – The Sumo Deadlift. Thisis an incredible exercise to make your glutes fire. They almost have no choice because ofthe orientation that you are putting yourself

into. So those three exercises, done roughly inthat order will really help wake up your glutes and build your glutes. I helped Alex builda championship ass with these three exercises almost exclusively, nothing else. Well, andsome deep squats of course, to follow. And that's about it. So that's the first tip. And I did mention – there is a nutritionalway for women to increase their breast size and it turns out that alcohol increases productionof a hormone called prolactin which sparks breast tissue growth. I'm not saying I recommendthat you go get drunk to increase your breast

size but if you do happen to imbide from timeto time, it will help your breast growth slightly. So all of these tips – Remember, diet is90% of how you look. These tips can only shape the muscle once you've brought it into appearanceby using your diet correctly. Alright, that's another tip from Dangerously Hardcore on thisTubeCast.

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