Best Exercises To Build Hip Bone Density

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hey guys what's going on my name is Maxand I'm a fat loss expert which basically means that I help people loseweight if they're closed better and feel more comfortable in their own skin intoday's tutorial I'll be talking to osteoporosis and what we can do toimprove osteopenia and osteoporosis this tutorial is a little off topic from what Iusually make my tutorials about but one of my clients requested for me to make atutorial about this and I feel like I could really help her lot and it may help youas well first of all in case you don't already know

osteoporosis is a condition in whichbones become weak and brittle this can lead to a number of different problemsone of the biggest is hip fractures and the worst part about this is that a hipfracture caused by osteoporosis many times can be a death sentence becauseit's very hard to recover from the statistics for this nasty condition areactually pretty high one of the two females will get osteopenia osteoporosisosteopenia is the precursor to osteoporosis it's one bone densitystarts to go down and roughly one in five males will get osteopeniaosteoporosis there are many reasons why

somebody would lose bone density numberone factor is aging and a sedentary lifestyle so we all know the term if youdon't use it you lose it and this applies to our phones as well if we'renot using our bones were gonna lose them so being sedentary and not exercisingmany times will leave you to lose bone density and eventually it turns intoosteoporosis and next thing that could lead you towards osteoporosis is a poordiet so it's very important that we're having proper nutrients and that thoseproper nutrients are getting absorbed its not only about consuming thosenutrients through a pill or even through

your food it's also not consuming othernutrients that will help you absorb calcium for example and another thingthat we see a lot of people on blood thinners or antiinflammatory medicationthey have a decrease in bone density as well so now that probably scared theshit out of you let's get to some solutions for this problem one of thebest solutions is the eat more green vegetables I always recommended mytutorials for you to have none limited amount of green vegetables inyour diet but it could never be more true than it is right now for thisparticular condition it's been shown

that green leafy vegetables are veryhelpful with reversing osteopenia and osteoporosis I recommend a minimum offive cups of vegetables per day that I really hope you get all the nutrientsand minerals that you need to absorb more calcium remember to keep theseveggies limited to the green leafy vegetables those are the best forcalcium and decreasing osteoporosis vegetables are alkaline in nature sothey're going to decrease the acidity and inflammation throughout your body this is going to be done naturally asopposed to any kind of

Osteoporosis Exercises for Spine Strength and Posture

Today I thought we'd do some exercises specificallyfor the middle part of your back. This region here. You might have heard or been told yourback density has decreased. Now these are great exercises to try to help prevent fracturesthrough that middle part of your spine and help to stop that slumping that can actuallyaccompany those types of fractures. So I'm going to show you three great middleback strength exercises that you can do, simply using some dumbbells I'm sitting on a stooltoday you could use a fitball or a bench. Whatever is comfortable or whatever you haveaccess to at home. Remember that when you're performing osteoporosisexercises it's really important that you don't

feel any discomfort during the exercise. Youshould feel muscles working and that's all. If you feel any pain with the exercise youneed to stop straightaway. Remember too that if you already have established osteoporosisit's important that you get your 's approval before you perform some exercisesand also too it's the same thing the same case applies if you haven't exercised previously.So remember these exercises are also for women who have pelvic floor issues. And when wehave pelvic floor issues, remember (and osteoporosis) we can't perform highimpact exercise, whichis often advocated to address bone density. This is where resistancetraining exerciseis ideal to use the muscles that support and

attach to that middle part of your spine.Those muscles that are supported through here, and your core muscles as well that actuallysupport your spine these are the muscles that we're after. And doing these exercisesseated in the positions I show you are very safe for your pelvic floor as well as safeexercises for your bones. All right, let's start with posture. Postureis very important in order to address, or to prevent that slumped forward posture thatcan occur. You need to start to use those muscles in the middle part of your back. Howdo you do thaté I think I'll sit side on to demonstrate this best. So, sitting sideonto you, when you sit, have your weight evenly

balanced between your sit bones. The actionthen is to lift your chest as if you're being drawn up by a string from your sternum, upat about 45. Your shoulders are back and down, so the action to bring your shouldersback isn't correct because you'll use your neck muscles. Bring your shoulders back anddown, draw your chest up. Also too, think of a long tall spine as if you're being liftedup by a string from the crown of your head towards the ceiling. So, you're thinking tall,and you're thinking chest is lifted. So that position, front on, looks like this andit's really worth practicing that posture regularly throughout the day whenever you'resitting. Shoulders back and down, chest lifted,

spine nice and tall. And that way you'll beusing the muscles in the middle of your back also be using your core muscles or yourcore muscles can be used a lot more effectively (those muscles that support your truck.)All right, we're going to use that posture for our first exercise this is called rotatorcuff but it's also a great exercise not only for the back of your shoulders but also forthe middle part of your back. You'll need two dumbbells or two weights�you could usea couple of tins from out of the cupboard at home. I'm going to use a couple of onekilo dumbbells to start with. Make sure when you start your bone density exercise (forthe first couple of weeks while you become

accustomed to the exercise) that you're usinga weight that feels comfortable until you can get some really good form. After thatyou can start to increase the weight you're lifting. And remember that research tellsus that for bone health, we should be doing two lots of eight of a heavy weight to reallystimulate that bone growth. So here we go: I'm going to use the weightsabout navel height. My chest is lifted my shoulders back and down, my spine is niceand tall. Here's the action: The action is to take the weights back and bring the weightsback together. Can you see I'm keeping my elbows into my waisté I'm not moving them andback. Now if you're doing these exercises

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