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This is an Improv warm up game called BigBooty. Ok. And, it's not what you think. It's just the name of the game. So, this is similarto another Improv game called Horseshoe. But, this one is set to a rhythm. And, I like Improvrhythm games. Because, they really force you to go on time instead of waiting till you'reready. So, how it works is you're going to get everyone in a circle and you're goingto have one person the leader start. And, they'll be Big Booty. I'll be Big Booty today.So, I'll be Big Booty and then we'll count off. OnetwothreefourfivesixBig Booty.Big Booty is really like zero in the circle. So, they're the lowest number. And, Big Bootywill start by calling another number. And,

so they'll maybe say Big Booty number threeand then number three has to repeat their own number and call someone else's number.Number three, number four. Number four, number six. Number six, number two. Number two, BigBooty. Big Booty, number three. And, so on and so forth. People mess up if they calltheir own number. They call the number that immediately called them. That immediatelyproceeded them or called them. Or, if they get off rhythm or hem and haw and mess up.For any of those reasons if they mess up, everybody goes quot;Ahh, shoot.quot; Shoot, if youknow what I'm saying. And, then that person goes to the end of the line. So, everybody'snumber has shifted or most people's numbers

have shifted. So, and then the song startsagain. So, I'm going to act it out as if I was singing all the parts. But, I'm only goingto stay in the position of Big Booty. But, you can imagine that it's being called outfrom different places. So, it starts like this. Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty. Ahhyeah. Big Booty, number three. Number three, number five. Number five, number one. Numberone, Big Booty. Big Booty, number one. Ahh, shoot. Now, it's Big Booty's turn to moveto the end of the line and everybody's number has changed. Now, number one is Big Booty.Number two is number one and so on and so forth. And, you start another round. Big Booty,Big Booty, Big Booty. Ahh, yeah. So, that's

the basic game. A very professional game Ilike to call Big Booty.

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