Big Bottom Eyelids

Eye Lid Lift Exercises

Hello. I'm Serene. I'm an Australiancosmetic and complementary GP and today, I want to show you how to improve your eyesbecause hooded eyes run in my family and I thought I really need to find a way to improvethis so I've devised a series of eye exercises face so that you can actually contract yourfacial muscles and lift up your eyes and make sure they're not hooded. First of all, I want you to actually lookin the mirror. Open up your eyes like this lifting your eyebrows and pulling down a littlebit and there are two muscles around the eyes really under the heading of the orbicularisoculi. There are two sections of it – the

one closest just around the eye. When youcontract it very gently, that's what works and if you actually contract it quite hardand forcefully, the whole muscle gets activated. So, just open it up like this and blink verygently then you will want to do this whole eye bit. You contract a bit more forcefully.You can also improve it by contracting these muscles. So, pull it back like this and contractquite forcefully but not too forcefully that you're causing contractions and wrinklesin other areas of your eyes so be really careful not to do that. Now, it's important to focus on your foreheadas well because the forehead has four different

layers to it. You've got the skin, the connectivetissue, the muscle and the bone and I guess it's easiest to bulk up the muscles so that'swhat I want to show you. These are the frontalis muscles so press downon your eyebrows like this and slightly out like that and try and lift your eyebrows up.Like so. Now, there's frown. These are the corrugator muscles and often when you frown,it's the procerus as well. So, you want to actually separate that and try and frownwithout causing any frown lines.So pull it apart and frown. Sometimes you might activatethis muscle here which gives you this bunny lines. So you want to actually secure thatand lift this up like this and start frowning.

Now, this is especially good when the eyelidshood down a bit but for under the eye area here, sometimes you get bags under the eyes.Now that will work if it's just a connective tissue and the skin is a bit loose but sometimes,when it's just fat protruding out and that runs in families, it will help a bit but youmight need more than that. Thanks for watching. If you go to my Facebookand click like, you'll be notified when my next tutorial comes out which focus on thelower part of the face.

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