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Legs and Buttocks Workout for Women Exercises for Legs and Buttocks Bigger Buttocks Workout

Purpose, to firm and tone your stomach andstrengthen your core. Engage your core by contracting your glutesand contracting your abs. Keep your legs as straight as possible becausethis will involve more booty muscles. Focus the weight on the back of your heelbecause this will involve more booty muscles. Recommended tempo for women, two seconds up,two seconds down. Recommended repetitions for women, 15. Recommended workout frequency for women, 35days a week. Recommended rest time for women, 60 seconds.

To make it harder add weights to your handsor ankle weights to your legs. Thank you for taking time for yourself today.Because you deserve to look and feel your best!.

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station Build Your Own Bear At Home

Hey everybody this is Sarah. Welcome back! In this tutorial we'll be making our own build a bear with this build a bearworkshop kit. I found the buildabear workshopstuffing station at my local Toys R Us and they were selling it for twenty ninedollars and ninetynine cents. This kit comes with two bears to stuffbut if you would like to stuff some more they also sell some additional animalslike these. Aren't these cuteé Alright let's open this up I'm superexcited. Believe it or not I have been to theactual build a bear store but I haven't

built my own bear so this is prettyexciting to see how this set will work at home. All right well this is probably one ofthe coolest pieces of the kit. This is your own build a bear stuffingstation. Isn't this really cuteé The cute little teddy bear on top is alid that you're going to twist off and inside comes one of the bags of thestuffing. Let me put the lid back on and I'll showyou the rest of the stuffing station.

Once the station is ready to go you'rejust going to crank the handle here and supposedly the stuffing goes right intothe teddy bear. Then if we go all the way down there isa little compartment here at the bottom. I'll just flip open the door and you canput any of your build a bear accessories inside. So we told you guys earlier that this set comes with two build a bears that you stuff. You get abrown one and these are really really soft.

They're really nicely made and I can'twait to stuff them. They're really cute. And here's a pink one. Oh my gosh these are about the size of abeanie baby if you guys remember those. These are no sew so when you stuff thebears all you have to do is pull down the zipper and the stuffing will stayinside of the bear. The kit also gives you two of these bagsof stuffing. One for each of your bears. They give you two tshirts one for each of your bears.

Here's a really cute pink one. It has anice little star and heart design on the front and then the other one I saw thisand I just about melted. This is a little kitty with glassesshirt. Oh my gosh isn't it cuteé And the sleevesof this shirt are just so cute. They also give you these to plasticheartshaped lockets you just open up them here on the side. I can figure it out I think it's likethis. There we go. You're going to put a wishinside the locket and then put the locket

inside of your bear. You also get two of these buildabearworkshop certificates. One for each of your bears. Some various punch out paper accessories for your bears. Lastly some instructions andhow to use this build a bear workshop stuffing station. Are you guys ready to build a bearé I sure am. The first step is to unscrewthe bear lid.

Frozen Kids Shop BuildABear Workshop Disney Frozen Barbie Parody Toby Miworld Playset Toy Mall

Chelsea, I'm going to take you somewhere veryspecial today. Oh I'm so excited. I love surprises. Chelsea I'm covering your eyes. In the countof three, look. One two three! Surprise! You can pick anything you want. No way Toby! You'rethe best friend ever! Oooo I've always wanted my very own build a bear! Oooo there's a cutelittle bunny. And a pink bear. But I think I really like this bear or that one. It'shard to decide. How about you get the cream colored bear and I get the light brown bear.Oh that's a great idea. Then we could have best friend bears! Oh hey Amber I didn't knowyou worked here. Yeah I just go this job because my mom thinks I need to learn how to workreally really hard. Wait a minute Amber. You're

Toby's sister. So doesn't that mean Toby hasto have a job. Oh yeah. That's right. Amber what did mom say my new job would be. Momsaid she got you a new job working for the sanitation department. What garbage collectoré!éNo far! You get to work at the stuffed animal place and I get to pick up garbage! I couldtell who is mom's favorite. Ha ha ha. Very funny Toby. Well. Let me just stuff your bearsfor you. First things first. Let me put a heart inside your bear. Here we go. Stuffstuff. Fluff fluff. Stuffy stuff stuff! I'll put a heart in my bear. Now it's time to pickout an outfit! Hmmm what should I get. I think I like this blue dress the most. Awe. Toby.Isn't the bear adorable! Yep. I love it. Good

pick. Now let me pick out my outfit. I likethis one. Good choice Toby. I love it! I like both of your choices. Now the last thing weneed to do is give them a cute little bear home. Here's your bear home. Whoopsee. Haha ha. Ok. Here you go. I think we should buy these extra outfits. That would be awesomeToby. Ok Chelsea lets go! Whoa. Just wait a minute Toby. You got to pay. So how muchis ité Ten bucksé Oh yeah. Very funny! You're way off. More like $175.73 What! Oh man. I'mgoing to have to be a garbage collector for a long time to for this. Awe! Thank you Toby!Here let me try helping you up. Hhh. Expensive bears.

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