Big Buts Are Us

Men Try Big Butts For A Day

(upbeat music) Yeah, I like big butts. I like big butts on men and women. I want a big butt, but because I'm a guy I don't feel like I'mallowed to want a big butt. Everybody wants a nice ass. Well, I think anyone with a bigger butt gets a lot of attention.

His Butt Booster. Right away it kinda feels like a bra. So, there's like the title tag and then on the back of itthere's no other information. Here's my flat butt. (twinkling music) Oh my god, I'm so happy in these. So I just put the underwear on.

My pants feel very filled out. And these pants are likeusually totally filled out by just my natural ass, but like damn. I sat down in a chairright after I put this on and I can tell why people withbig butts have such big egos. 'Cause they're so highup, and I'm into it. It'll be interestingto see if anybody else can tell the difference.

Your pants look tight. Oh god, why is it so hardé It kinda feels like a real butt. Oh, that's a firm butt. Thank you so much. (Tall Man) Good job. I did people do squats for a month. Do you like ité No, it's kinda weird.

(laughing) oh. One benefit of the bigbutt that I will miss is that when I sit on people's laps, they don't talk abouthow bony my cheeks are. I think before Ithought I was more happy with the shape of mybutt than I actually am. And I think going throughthis just made me realize I actually don't want the explosive

like Nicki Minaj butt that I think I want. I think I had the most funI've had in a really long time. The grass is greener, let me tell you. It's fuller, too. What do you thinké I think I like thereal thing better, but. Uh, uh, uh Where is HRé

Women Try Big Butts

I've been praying fora butt for 26 years. Finally, finally I got one. (upbeat music) It was a common thing to be told, quot;You're Cubané 'Causeyou don't have a butt.quot; Okay, cute face, all right. Then they see the back, it's like, quot;Dang!quot; That doesn't happen to me.

Guys would go, quot;Da, oh, never mind.quot; People would always make comments like, quot;Oh, she's so skinny. She's so bony. quot;She has no booty.quot; I don't care what I look like other than feeling good on the inside. At first glance they looklike my grandma's bloomers. But then there's this padding.

I can see how throughclothing this could feel like a booty. This is like a second bra. They're not cute. I have a butt. Finally, I got one. Oh, snap. It actually looks really natural.

I don't look like KimKardashian, I look like a normal human, which is awesome. It just looks fake. I look like I did one too many squats. I just want to, like dance, you knowé I just want to go to the club. Like, where is the club até Makes me want to domy favorite Ciara move.

It looks like I haveto really take a shit. Like, oh my God, I gotta go! Good job, guys, whoever made that. That was like (click). Looks good. There's another oneé I thought this was a jock strap. I guess these parts cup underneath the butté

Koosh, koosh, koosh,like I'm a transformer. First of all, my buttlooks like a hexagon. Did I do it wrongé I think I did it wrong. It's a permanent wedgietoo, which is so terrible. There's like major strappage going on and it looks like my asscheeks just got chiseled off. This still looks likemy butt, just lifted.

Why Do We Have Butts

There's one big difference between humansand animals. No, it's not our brains. Think lower. Much lower. Nope, the other side. Butts. Bonjour callipygian cuties, Jules here forDNews. As the contemporary poet, Anthony Ray oncesaid: “I like big butts and I cannot lie�.

But Mr. MixALot never quite delineates whyhe is such a proponent of the posterior, and personally, I think it has to do why we havebutts in the first place. Almost every single multicellular organismdoes have some sort of “anus�, that is, an area where waste is excreted. But butts themselves, specifically the bigmeaty, fatty bits that hang out in the back, those are pretty special, and the human bootyis different than any other in the animal kingdom. Even when we look at our closest genetic neighbors,bonobos and chimpanzees, their butts are,

what we in the scientific community call “punyâ€�. For a while, researchers have tried to figureout: why did humans, specifically, evolve to have such big bootiesé To find out, let's take a look at what abutt actually is. The most important and visible part is theGluteus Maximus, one of three gluteal muscles, including the gluteus medius and minimus. Their primary existence is to provide extensionfor the hip and thigh, allowing us to bend over while also keeping everything securelyin place.

Standing up, walking up stairs, and even standingstill are all extremely dependent on the gluteal muscles. Just like humans, all primates have the samethree gluteal muscles. On chimps, the gluteus maximus connects tothe ischium, the lower portion of the pelvis. This relatively short and tight muscle makesit easier for chimps to stick their butts out, which is really useful for maneuveringup a tree. But humans aren't as interested in climbingtrees; unlike our genetic ancestors, we're a bit more preoccupied with staying on twolegs, and anthropologists believe that may

be the key to our badonks. On humans, the gluteus maximus attaches toa part of the hip called the “iliumâ€�, which is the highest and largest bone of thepelvis. This relatively high placement allows fortrunk stability, since the amount of area it covers, and the size of the muscle itselfkeeps us balanced. Most researchers believe that we have bigbutts because it helps us stay upright, and it helps balance us when running. But now another question emerges: which camefirsté

Were we first sprung, that is, upright, orwas there a round thing in our faceé Well, in 2002, a paper in the journal HumanEvolution used an evolutionary simulator to reveal how changes in the shape of our bonesaffected our muscles. The computer model showed early hominids wouldhave HAD to start walking upright BEFORE developing large butts. If the butts had developed first, it wouldhave been more difficult for apes to walk upright. The paper concluded that our big butts areactually a consequence of walking on two feet.

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