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Annoying Orange Sour Rangers Power Rangers Spoof

Nice one, Pink. You're reallygood at gymnastics. I better be. The big talentshow is right around the corner. My talent is my brain! My talent is my brawn.What's your talent, Greené Aw man, I don't know. I'm just a sour gummy kidwith an attitude. Green, we're all sourgummy kids with attitudes. laughter

Attention, Sour Rangers.Come in, Sour Rangers. Oron, we're here. Oh, has another monster beensent to destroy the kitchené Yeah, and it's a nemesislike none before. Look! Yay! I love puppies!(together) Aww. That's not a monster, Oron.That's Marshmallow. No, it's the other one. Marshmallow's evil cousin,Marshageddon.

slightly deeper voice:I love puppies. for dinner. ptew! boom!Yay! gaspsgasps I believe in you, Sour Rangers. Only you can save the kitchenfrom quot;Marshalquot; law. laughs You heard him, guys.Time to sour up. Right! zap!

Pink Pumpkin.Yellow Squash. Green Corset.Red Zucchini. Hwah! ♪ Go, go, Sour Rangers! ♪ There he isright next to the microwave. Ooh, a puppy.You know the drill. ptew!Yay! Hey guys, uh, quick thought:every time we fight a monster, we inevitably combine our powersto form Super Megagourd, righté

(other)Right. Right, so why don'twe just do that nowé We can just step on this stupidmarshmallow and go home, righté others laugh You're such a gummy head,Green. Yeah. Marshageddon is small,so we're gonna fight him small. But he's going to get big. We fight small orwe don't fight at all!

Go, go, Sour Rangers!(all) Right! More like googoo Sour Rangers.Mwahahahahahahahaha! (Pink)Eww. (Red)Harmless sparks, I'm blinded. (Green)Guys, Marshageddon is escaping. Oh, don't worry.I'll be right back. Yeah!microwave beeps microwave hums and sparksMwahahahahahaha!

Annoying Orange Annoying Orange vs FRED

Mnm.mnm. I taste delicious. laughs Would you knock it off, dudeéThat's disgusting. poof!Aha! Whoa! Jolly Green Giant, you're back! That's right, you annoying pile of pulp. I'm back. and I'm angry! Whyé 'Cause you have ashort temperé laughs

Listen up, you earless wonder. You're the most annoyingthing I've ever met and I'm here to teach you a lesson. Ooh, is it a skiing lessoné No, it's not that kind of lesson. SkydivingéSkyé No. How 'bout jugglingéNo! growls This is the type of lesson

where I show you whatit's like to be annoying. Uh, yeah, good luck with that. Oh my, what's this in me pocketé Ooh, is it a pinwheeléNo. A whistling pinwheeléNo, it's not a pinwheel! muttering:Where is ité Pot of goldéNo! Oh.Aha!

Now Orange, with a powdery blast, you'd better getready to meet your match. blows Ooh, sparkly. laughs Ooh! Whoa! Where am Ié (announcer)And welcome back to the main event. Let's go inside for the introductions. Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to Pester Fest 2010! Today's fight is a oneroundnoholdsbarred fight to the finish between the two mostannoying entities in the world! Yay! Go Pear!Dude, he's not talking about me. When the fight is over,only one can stand as the most annoying in the wooorld! laughscrowd cheering In the orange corner,hailing from the kitchen,

weighing in at seven ounces, the Caesar of Citrus,the Prince of Puns, the Annoying Orange! Thanks for the hand.I don't have any. laughs And in the blue corner,hailing all the way from Nebraska, weighing in at 120 pounds, the Sultan of Shrieking,the Overlord of Obnoxious,

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