Building A Bigger Buttocks

Get a Bigger Butt in 5 minutes

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Doing the Leg Press for a bigger butt

If you're going to use a leg press to geta bigger butt, then it's best you use one leg like this. But you can use twolegs if you're not strong enough. You want to pick a weight that's heavyenough to only allow you to do about five to ten reps. You want to come down slow and not too fast.You want to come down as far as you can, or until your knees touch, oralmost touch, your chest so you can really feel a deep stretch in your butt.Once you come all the way down, then you want to pause for about twoseconds. Then you push the

weight back up. That's how you do the legpress for a bigger butt. Also, when you push your weights back up makesure you push from your heels or the back half of your foot because if youpush from your toes, then your butt won't get that good of a workout. Now,if you look closely here, you can see that my heels are on the leg press.My toes are not on the leg press, so I can force myself into only pushingfrom my heels. Now, depending on how your leg press is designed,you may or may not be able to do this. But if you can't do this,curl your toes up slightly,

which will also make you push only from yourheels. If you find yourself pushing from your toes with this exercise,with your heels elevated, then the weight you're using may be too heavy.

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