Can You Get A Bigger Bum Without Weights

Correct Lunge Form to Get a Bigger Butt

To get a better workout for your butt, hips,thighs, and hamstrings, you can do elevated lunges like I'm doing here.But to get yourself set up to do elevated lunges, you need to start offwith your feet about one and a half to two foot lengths behind the box orthe platform you're using to do the elevated lunges on. Once you are in the starting position, getyour dumbbells and do elevated lunges like this. As you're doing lunges,make sure you keep your head up and look straight ahead. Although this exerciseis called a lunge, you

don't want to lunge forward as you squat down.You want to squat straight up and straight down by keeping your kneesbehind your toes. So, do not let the knee of the elevated leg glide over yourtoes. You want to squat down as far as you can untilthe knee of the leg that's not elevated touches the floor. Make sureyou come down slow enough so your knee only touches the floor. Don't come downso fast that you bang or hurt your knee on the floor. Make sure you do thisexercise on both legs. You want to keep your heels flat on the platformor box at all times while

doing this exercise. If you can't keep yourheels flat, use a lower platform or do regular lunges instead of elevatedlunges. If you want to get an even better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges, focus more on pushing through your heels by curlingup your toes slightly. Another thing you can do for a better buttworkout doing elevated lunges is to pause at the bottom for two to three secondsbefore squatting back up. One more option for getting a better buttworkout is to do elevated lunges on a higher platform. Instead of doing yourelevated lunges on a fiveinch

step, for example, you can better butt workoutdoing elevated lunges on higher five to teninch step or platform.

Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian in 4 Minutes

All right. For this athome 4 minute buttworkout, we're going to be doing hip thrusts. And if you don't know how todo hip thrusts, go to downloads hip to see how to do hip thrusts.Okay. Let's get ready. Get your chair and place it securely against thewall like this, and get yourself set up like this. Okay. When I saygo, we're going to start doing hip thrusts, and we're going to hold and squeezeat the top of each rep for 5 seconds. All right. We're going to startin 5 seconds. Get ready. 5,4,3,2,1.

Go. All right. Come on. Squeeze that butt.Make it a tight fist. Squeeze it. Squeeze it. Come back down, right backup. The whole time, I want you to pretend that your butt is like a fist andyou want to squeeze that fist tight. Squeeze it hard. Come on, tighten itup. Tight butt. Come back up. All right. Squeeze it. Squeeze it, workingthat butt. It's just a short 4 minute butt workout. Don't quit. All right,go back down. Come back up. Squeeze, squeeze, come on. Make that tightfist, come on, squeeze it tight. Go back down, come back up. Come on, squeezethat butt.

Your butt should be so hard right now, itshould be real hard. Rock hard butt. Go down, come back up. All right. Squeeze,squeeze it, squeeze it tight. Come on. Tighten it up. Come on. 5seconds. Go back down, come back up. Come on, we're almost finished. Come on.Squeeze it. Keep squeezing it. Keep squeezing it. Go back down, go back downright now. All right. Come back up. Squeeze it again. And look, if thisis too easy for you, use some extra weight. Come on, challenge yourself.Go back down, come back up. Momma, let's make that fist. Always make thatfist with your butt. Always

squeeze it, squeeze, squeeze, go back down.Right back up. Is this the last oneé I don't know. Squeeze. Stay in therewith me, hang in there. Come on, keep squeezing, keep working. Go back down.All right, I lied to you. This is the last one. Come on, squeeze. Squeezeit tight. Make a tight fist with your butt. Come on, squeeze, it's thelast one. All right, come back down. All right, now 1 leg. Come on, 10 ofthese. 1, keep going. Keep going. Just 10 of these. Come on. Keep going.If it's too hard, use both of your legs. Come on, keep going. Keep going.If you can only do 5, that's

Okay. But we're going to do 10. If you cando more than 10, go ahead. Do that, but hang in there. Don't you quit. It'sjust a 4 minute workout. Come on, don't stop. Come on, don't stop. Comeon, 3 more. Come on, hang in there. 1 leg, come on, keep going. Push yourself.Working that butt. Don't you ever quit. Think about how nice you'regoing to look. All right, going back to 2 legs again. Come on, come down,come back up. Squeeze, make that fist. Hold it. This workout is halfway over.Don't you give up, you've made it this far, you might as well just finishit out.

Come back up, squeeze it, make a tight fist.Remember your butt is a fist. Squeeze that fist. Come back up. Hold it,squeeze it tight. Squeeze, squeeze. Come on, come back down, go backup. I don't want you to quit. I don't want you to quit. If 5 seconds is toolong, squeeze for 3 seconds, but don't you quit. Come down, come back up.Come on, this workout is almost over. Keep squeezing. Keep on squeezing.All right, go down, come back up. See, look, you only have about 4more left. Just 4 more left. Come on. Hang in there. Don't you even think aboutquitting. Go down, come back

How to Get Bigger Calves WITH BAD CALF GENETICS

What's up, guysé Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . When it comes to the calves a lot of peoplewould have you believe that you were either destined to be a calf, or a calfnot. I cantell you that is partially true. Genetics play a large role in the ultimate size ofyour calves, but there is definitely something you can do to make some changes to that andto help to fix your situation. I am Jeff Caveliere, no doubt, but I've neverbeen confused with Jeff Calfaliere. What that has done to me – my struggles in buildingbetter calves – have provided me with that motivation to find more ways to do that. Iwill tell you, having worked with professional

athletes, one thing that you will notice abouttheir training is there's not a lot of direct calf work in it. That's because the essence of the activitiesthemselves, the games themselves – runners, jumpers, soccer players that have to cut multipledirections – usually have great calf development because they have one thing that our calftraining does not. That is high tension, spontaneous contraction. What am I talking abouté It'swhen you get a high level of tension generated in a single contraction over a quick periodof time. A short period of time. That is the essence,the key to building bigger calves, because

that is how they respond the best. That ishow you create true overload. So I have a way here to show you how to do this at homewith no equipment at all. You're going to position yourself as I am right here. On amat, or on a floor with your feet either anchored under a bench like I'm showing you, or undera piece of furniture, a couch, whatever it is. What you do is, you push down. You're goingto find that your ankles will flex, your feet will flex, and your calves will contract inorder to hold you in this position. Now, there is some tension generated here, but it's notwhat we're looking for. What we need to do

is provide that fast, spontaneous contraction– that overload – in a short period of time. That's when you're going to feel it.So what we so is, we launch ourselves out. The only thing holding me up at this pointfrom falling flat on my face is an incredibly strong contraction of the calves. Incrediblystrong. If you do this, I guarantee you'll feel a stronger contraction on this exercisethan any other calf exercise you've done. I don't care if that includes you doingstanding barbell calf raises with 300lbs. Guess whaté If you weigh 150lbs your bodyis already used to that. Each time you take a step your body is hailing 150lbs.

So if you add it up together it can handle300lbs. There's no overload there. So, back to the exercise. When you position yourselfhere, your knees flex, so you're going to be focusing a little bit more on your soleusthan you are on your gastroc. Now, the soleus is a really important component of your calves.It's the muscle that lies beneath the more visible gastroc. As you can develop this youcan start to build that and push out the gastroc adding more size and definition to your calves. The important thing is not to ignore thismuscle. The cool part about this particular move is that I move from a flexed knee positionto an extended knee position. So I'm actually

activating more gastroc as I get myself furtherand further out. As I get even stronger in the exercise I can actually get more and moregastroc because I can extend further and further out. If I wanted to I could actually startthat right away by putting a physio ball out in front of me and getting more and more activationbecause I can actually lean on that as a little bit of a spot to get me there. The idea is this, guys: if you want to startbuilding bigger calves it's not about how many exercises or how many reps you do. It'sabout doing quality reps and doing it the way that calves prefer to work in the firstplace. That's with a high tension overload

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