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What Are Shadow Creatures Dolan Life Mysteries ft Hellbent

• From fairies to Big Foot, we answer 10of your most burning questions about mythical creatures• Hey there, my name is Shima, I'll be reading out the questions and answers• I'm Hellbent, I'm here to learn you uncomfortably true facts that I didn't justmake up 10 Are there such things as aliensé ,• Aliens are already among us, and they're good at hiding, but in every friend groupyou'll find at least one alien and it's up to you to figure out who it is – do youhave a friend who goes to the bathroom and stays there for TOO longé Or a friend that'sa bit TOO quiet all the timeé Hmm…

• Scientists are always searching—listeningfor strange sounds from space and looking for planets that could support life as weknow it. However, as far as messages or evidence of alien life on other worlds, there hasn'tbeen any concrete proof. yet. 9 Are there monsters with lots of headsé, • Yes, and if you ever manage to catch onewith your eyes, it'll instantly go into hibernation for 100 years in the shape ofa tree – those aren't actually branches, those are necks, and one day they will awaken,so don't ever turn your back on a tree, especially an night time• There are a lot of mythical animals that

have many heads: Cerberus, the Hydra, andmore. But there are real animals today that also have more than one head. Polycephalysmeans having more that one head and can happen when multiple baby animals get stuck togetherbefore being born, though it is very rare. 8 Where can I find fairiesé ,• If you were to steal one of your friends favourite dolls and brush its hair and carryit around with you everywhere, ignoring people who judge you, eventually a magical fairywill visit you while you're sleeping – don't get your hopes up though, their beauty canbe… exaggerated • Fairies can be found throughout folk belief,ranging from a tiny but hidden away people

to even spirits of the dead. Unfortunately,realworld fairies are more likely to be found in the invisible to the naked eye, microscopicworld along with bacteria, fungi, and algae. • Yoink• OI • Trade yaé• I guess… (pause) 7 What is the Fiji mermaidé ,• It's a type of skateboard trick in which you go up a halfpipe, twist your feet aroundthe board midair, flutter your arms for extra airtime and puff up your mouth to form fishlips– only real men can pull this one off though • The Fiji mermaid was a strange object,made of a young monkey and a fish sort of.

glued together. This gross “creatureâ€�was supposedly caught near the Fiji islands in the South Pacific, but it, like its morebeautiful and mythical cousins, never truly lived as a real animal.6 Are vampire bats really vampiresé , • No, vampire bats transform into Batmen,no relation to the DC Comics IP – typically Batmen fight crime in Gothic City using avariety of nondescript gadgetry, but only if you see a Dolan logo in the sky, this missionisn't easy though as The Shima can make her diabolical appearance• Though the vampire bat also feasts on a liquid diet, that's about all they sharewith their mythical counterparts. Vampire

bats are shy creatures that feed mostly onlivestock and are more like oversized mosquitoes than any real threat.• Typical Shima trying to throw us off the scent—• AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA 5 Are werewolves realé ,• Actually the word “werewolfâ€� came from village folk who trained wolves to heardsheep, but then the wolves would disappear – so you might think, oh, that must mean“werewolfâ€� means “where is my wolfâ€�é But you're wrong. It's because werewolveskidnap wolves. So yes, werewolves are real and they abduct your pets – it sucks• Belief in werewolves has been around for

Old MacDonald Had A Farm More Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

(piano plays) (piano plays) ( Piano Moment ) ( Little Piano Moment ) Old McDonald Had a farm.EYA EYA YOOOOOW!! Old MacDonald's had a farm And on the farm he had a cow

What does the cow say jj Oink With a moo moo here, and a moo moo there Here a moo, There a moo, Everywhere a moo moo,

Here moo The moo Old MacDonald had a farm Old Mcdonald had a farm. E I E I O. Old Mcdonald had a farm Old Mcdonald had a farm, EIEIO

And on that farm he had a horse. E I E I O. What does the horse sayé Woof Woofé Mooé

Neighé With a neigh neigh here, and a neigh neigh there. Here a neigh. There a neigh.

Everywhere a neigh neigh. Old McDonald had a farm E I E I O. Old Mcdonald had a farm E I E I O. And on that farm he had a pig. E I E I O. What does a pig sayé Quacké Tweet Tweeté Oinké

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