How To Get A Big Booty With A Flat Stomach

more STANDING ABS how to get a flat stomach ab workout

Hi it's Tracy so today I'm going to do somemore standing abs. These are awesome ab toning exercises that you can do absolutely anywhere,so no matter how busy your life is or if you travel alot for business whatever your storyis you absolutely have no excuse and you can do some great toning moves, okay so lets getstarted place your hands behind your head keep your elbows wide do your little sidecrunch really being mindful because you are standing here and we are not using any extraresistance that your squeezing, you should feel it along the side of your waist squeezinghere. Thats it and five and six, were going to do 10 on each side. Let's do the otherside. Really squeeze really pull in. You feeling

ité Im feeling it. A few more like that. Squeezeit. So im going to turn sideways so you can see, so i'm going to just tuck my butt underbut use the abdominals to do it. So you should feel it. This is great because it tones thelower abdominals. Most of us complain about from the belly button down that's where we want to tone up and get a flatter belly. I never hear anyone say that I need to toneup my ribcage. It's always down here, so this will really target that. Really be mindful,pull in and squeeze, that's it. Notice how still my upper body is. Just tuck your buttunder, good. So now find that neutral position, ok so we were tucked under and now you justdrop it. So if you were gonna stand and walk

around, your going to do a forward crunchhere. Forward crunch and straight up, you got it, good. Pull in, your looking rightat it, so make sure you like what you see. Pull in flatten out the belly. So now yourgonna go punch across and sorta lean back and punch on the other side then your goingto do two little punches, okay. So notice how still my hips are and punch across, thatit. Now your gonna add your hips, so my hips are going up towards where the punch is okayéSo punch and then two hips. Two more sets like that. So back with no hips, punch acrossand really be still and the pelvis, you shouldn't feel any movement. Now lets add those hips,so punch punch and across, squeeze it. Really

move your hips so that your getting more fullbody lowering those and and the obliques. Let's do all of that again. So crunch down,and straight up. 10 on each side. Pull in tight tight tight. Let's do that other side.Keep your belly pulled in. Really squeeze. So if your having a busy day, this is a greatthing to do, just get up and move, it will change your energy so much. So start hereand tuck your butt under and to neutral. 10 of these. Keep your shoulders out of it. Reallyintentionally squeeze so its from your belly button to your pubic bone that your workinghere. So now do a little forward crunch, so forward and straight up. So lets do your punchesacross. No hips. Notice how I'm leaning back.

Those tiny movement with focus change yourbody, I promise. Now add your hips. Really move your body. So that is the workout, youcan do it absolutely anywhere. So let me know what you think. Make sure to leave your commentsbelow and if you haven't already, if your not on my list, make sure to pop on over totracycampoli and join my list. Okay, I will talk to you soon, take care. Bye! Topurchase full length workouts, be sure to visit tracycampoli .

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