How To Make My Bum Look Bigger In Pictures

This is What Twerking with Double D Breast Implants in Your Butt Looks Like

What's up Internet. For Complex News, I'mTamara Dhia. Women all over the world are surgically alteringtheir butts to be bigger, better and.more twerkable than ever with the hopes of lookinglike Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. Former model Jana Stoner, took hersurgery to the extreme when she got Double D breast implants in her butt as highlightedon an upcoming episode of quot;Botchedquot;. At least her situation wasn't as bad as thiswoman, who was also featured on an episode of Botched and could literally flip her buttimplants. In comparison, these women are lucky. Earlierthis year, Ron Oneal Morris, a transgendered

woman who ran an illegal medical practicein Miami, was found guilty of injecting rubber cement, fixaflat and mineral oil in herpatient's butts. She then allegedly sealed them up with super glue and cotton balls.  She'scurrently serving a one year sentence in prison for medical malpractice and manslaughter. The moral of the story is, there are certainthings you can be cheap about, like buying generic Shampoo. But copping surgeries ata discounté That's just dumb. For Complex News, I'm Tamara Dhia.

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