How To Make My Hips Grow Naturally

Hip Length Curls How I trim my Natural Hair

Trimming my Natural Hair I combed my freshly washed hair and put it into twists. Now we trim the hair! Just joking! I put my twists into a ponytail I pulled one twist out to start trimming I combed through the hair with the Denman. I pulled the hair very taut to make sure that the hair is stretched out.

Some hairs in the back didn't get cut. And I snipped away those dead ends. I used the quot;Curling Gel Soufflequot; by Shea Moisture to twist my hair again. And I twisted And twisted. And twisted. Until I finally finished. hahaha I clipped the twist to help me know which twist I have already trimmed

I then repeated the same process for each twist! Step one: take the twist out Step two: Comb through the hair Step three: pull the hair taut Trim! Apply Gel Then twist SUPER fast. hahaha Then clip the twist

For my layers bangs in the front. I separated the pieces of hair based off of their length. This makes sure that I am not trimming the longer pieces too short The total amount trimmed This is the next morning after my twist air dried over night The RESULTS! Yes, my hair does shrink a lot! Thanks for watching!

Natural Methods to Increase Breast Size

natural methods to increase breastsize breasts are a woman's asset and it isonly natural to want to enhance them ultimately there are two paths to taketo increase the size of your breasts the natural and surgical way if you haven't yet decided what courseto take then you might want to watch this short tutorial to help you make aninformed decision going natural all the way

before going on to the techniques, let usfirst look at the pros and cons of taking the natural path to breast enhancement pros doing natural techniques to enhance yourbreasts is healthier for your body you won't need to worry about incurringinfections or other surgery related illness doing natural techniques are definitelymuch cheaper than undergoing surgery

why would you want to spend thousands ofdollars when you can get the same results forfreeƩ doing natural techniques to increaseyour breast size will help you know your body better learning how your body responds tostimulation is important to your overall health Cons it takes time to see results if you do thenatural process to enhance your breasts

these natural techniques requireperseverance and patience enhancing your breasts methods method number one, be intimate with yourbody hormones play a big part in enhancingbreast size sex is a great activity that you can doto help release these hormones however don't do it too often as breaststend to lose its firmness if you are single you can also dosensual breast massages during your alone time

use massage oils if necessary method number, two pick the right clothes your clothes can also help youaccentuate your assets buy bras that are of the right fit wearing padded bras is also a great wayto make your breasts look bigger choose a bra with an underwire so it canpush your breasts up creating an illusion of having biggerbreasts method number three, eat right

a little weight gain can also help youincrease your breast size food that contains sugar is proven tohave breast enhancement effects as well as soya products eating generous amounts of these foodscan help your breasts grow naturally method number four exercise regularly doing chest exercises will prevent yourbreasts from sagging it can also help it look fuller and appearrounder exercising will also prevent unwantedweight gain especially

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