How To Make Your Bum Bigger And Waist Smaller

Best Plus Size Jeans Series Part 1 How to Make Your Booty Look Better in Jeans

psBreakthrough Submit Yours in the Info Box Today's psBreakthrough Feature Hello my Fashionistas! How are you guysé Today, I am starting afun little mini series called the Best Jeans for Plus Size Women. To kick off this multi tutorial seriestoday I'm going to be as in the first part, focusing on how to make the booty look better.

Now we all know that when we go and wetry on some jeans or we put on our favorite pair of jeans we always just take a littlelook back plus (I'm sure you're like me) you wondercould there be a better pairé Could there be an ideal pair to make me and my curves look fabulousé YES my dear, there are! And I'm gonna help you find thosejeans. I promise you! Today, I'm gonna be showing you some actualdemos, some real pictures of real jeans and I'mgonna be showing you what to look for

when you pick out a pair. Whether you'repicking them out going shopping or you're picking them out from your jeanscollection you make sure that the pair that you pick is perfect and makes your booty lookfabulous! So when you're set out to find your perfectPlus Size pair of jeans, the three things that you must remember are yoke, waist and pockets. I'm going to be showing you eachof the three

with actual examples. If you wanna jumpahead to any part, look down in the infobox I actually have the timestamps so you canskip ahead to a part that's important to you or go back and review things that youmight need to get a little refresher on. So withoutfurther ado, let's get started on yoke so you canlearn what the heck it is, and why the heck it's so important! Sothe yoke literally you can see in all of

these except the last one here. This is the yoke. This is the yoke. This one it's almost like a mustache. laughs So literally, these are the different types. I foundthis picture on Pinterest. I will put the link in the infobox for you guys.It's just a great quick indicator. On the very left, we havethe inverted arc I think this is the least (one of the least flattering)

because it's pushing a curve up and then you're literally gonna haveyour booty curve down. (I don't know) That one's just. I think it'stoo much! Laughs Straight I think it's too straight. I just don't think it does anything forour curves honestly. VShapes this is one of my favorites because (and you'll see why in as second)with an actual example. It just plays really well with ustrying to you know

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