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Review UFone A5 Senior Citizen Cell Phone Radio Quad Band Large buttons Icons SOS Button

uFone A5: Senior Citizen Cell Phone, Radio,Quad Band, Large buttons Icons, SOS Button 1X uFone A5: Senior Citizen Cell Phone, Radio,Quad Band, Large buttons Icons, SOS Button 1X Power Adapter1X English User manual.

Great Call Splash Medical Alert Device Review

Hello there from MedicalAlertSystemsHQ .Today, we are going to review the Great Call Splash medical alert or personal emergencyalert device. We will show you its top features and go through how it works, so you can findout if this will be a good product for you or your loved ones' needs. As you can see here, this is a small, emergencybutton pendant. The device comes embedded with a speaker and microphone, so users canhold a twoway conversation with monitoring center agents. This pendant is GPSenabled,allowing the approximate location of the user to be known.

To use the device, the user will need to clickon this button in the middle to be connected with a USbased, trained emergency responseagent. Let's do a test call. Device announcement: Calling 5 Star . Operator answers. Are you reporting an emergencyé No, I am just making a test call Operator replies You can see that the agent picked up the callquickly, which is really good. Depending on

the situation, the agent may call or conferencein someone on the user's emergency contacts list or contact emergency services to helpthe user. Many are looking at the Great Call Splashas a medical alert device for seniors in case they fall or meet with any emergencies. Besidesseniors, this product is also suitable for other groups, such as children, individualswith health issues living on their own or individuals who worry their personal safetyin different settings. So how does the wireless call connection workéThe Great Call Splash uses its own builtin cell phone network connection, through oneof the largest mobile networks in the US.

Currently, most people believe it uses theVerizon network, although Great Call does not officially confirm this on their website. Many users like this builtin cellular networkconnection setup. Unlike a traditional home medical alert pendant, the Great Call Splashwill work anywhere, both in and out of the home, anywhere where their wireless receptionis good. You can tell that the wireless connection is good in our demonstration because the alertbutton is flashing a green light. For directions to check if service is availablein your area, visit MedicalAlertSystemsHQ GC or click on the link below.

No subscription to a cell phone is needed.The monthly fees are currently $19.99 (Basic), $24.99 (Preferred) or $34.99 (new fall detection option) a month. The basic plan covers the cell phonenetwork connection and the monthly monitoring service. The premium (preferred) plan includes a few extraslike use of the GreatCall Link feature, which shares the user's GPS location informationwith authorized users. The user can bypass the monitoring agent andcall 911 directly by pressing and holding down the button for about 5 seconds, untilthe pendant announces that it is calling 911. Many users like the small handy size of thisdevice. It measures approximately 3 inches in length, 1 58 inches in width and 58 inchesin depth. It's also lightweight, weighing

about 1.8 ounces. The Great Call Splash is easy to setup rightout of the box. The box we received came with a Quick Start guide and full instruction booklet.The box also contained a charger for users drop the Splash device in for charging. Ittook a few hours to fully charge the device. Each full charge lasts for up to 4 days onstandby in our experience. The Great Call Splash device can be worn ona person in several ways. The device itself came packaged with an accessories clip andkeychain attachment. That allows the device to be clipped to a belt or used as a keychain.Other accessories like a lanyard can be purchased

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