Large Hard Bump Buttocks

Pimple Popper A pretty big skin tag

Lee: Did you have thisé Lee: This has been growing how longé Patient:Oh, A number of years. Lee: Mmm. And you're just iné Because I've seen you since then, you haven't mentioned it. Patient: My. wife. Lee: She lets it goé She nags at youé Lee: Does this come up in fights a loté quot;Well if you would just get rid of that.quot;

Lee: I'm going to remove this. It's probably a skin tag. Lee: But we're going to put some numbing there and let it sit at the base. Lee: Since that's what feeds it, a little bubas(é) is right there Lee: So we'll make sure it's (cuts off) Lee: (cuts in) maybe pinch, to, you're ready to pinch here Lee: Brace yourself here, you're gonna Lee: I think you're a little sad about having this go away. Patient: (chuckle)

Lee: It had.Did you tell your wife you were going to do this todayé Patient: (scoff) Are you kiddingé She's the one that. Lee: Oh! I'm surprised she's not here making sure you have this done. Patient: She had to work. Lee: Oh, I'll have to send you the tutorial. Lee: Unless she goes on our tutorials, and she can watch it herself. Lee: we could have a little party, a little celebration between the two of you that it's gone. Patient: Mmm hmm.

Lee:(inaudible) kind of thing, you knowé Lee: You okayé Patient: Yeah.Fine. Lee: Good. Lee:Pinch here, put a little numbing in the side, sorry. Lee: So, you know, I don't think this will come back. Lee:And we'll send part of it in. It could be. Lee: You know what I actually think this isé I think this is a neurofibroma.

Lee: Or a, uh. (tsks) (whispering) what's the other name. Lee: I'm blanking on the name, I have to go look it up. Lee: It's called, oh sorry sorry we call it a quot;bag of wormsquot; actually. Lee: It's like our description. Y'knowé Because it feels like a little flexible little bag there.

A DrPimplePopper TBT The ones that come out clean

thing and she could take down a cow with one swift pull of hear DR. LEE: .thing and she could take down a cow with one swift pull of her leg. Just take 'em down. PATIENT: And well, they can like take a glove and go in the rear of the cow. DR. LEE: Yeah, and they know how to make the moo's.PATIENT: lt;INAUDIBLEgt; pregnant. DR. LEE: How are youé lt;INAUDIBLEgt; DR. LEE: Lemme get this one here with a little more numbing. DR. LEE: .They say they get a feeling of relaxation, a lot of people actually do this before they go to sleep they say.

Is that not crazyéPATIENT: lt;INAUDIBLEgt; DR. LEE: Yeah, they feel like it's satisfying, it's very cleansing, I think, to a lot of people. PATIENT: Ha. My God. lt;INAUDIBLEgt; to watch thatéDR. LEE: And it's cleansing to you, too. There we go, so. Yeah. PATIENT: Now Sandra, you don't do bags under the eyes, righté. DR. LEE: If I just squeeze it, it could make it come out.

PATIENT: Some be good down my edge. (éééé) DR. LEE: Okay, come out, take a look at it. DR. LEE: Wanna take a looké How big it is. DR. LEE: Look at that thing. It's in there! lt;INAUDIBLEgt; too hard lt;INAUDIBLEgt; PATIENT: Yeah, but it doesn't have a lot of goo. DR. LEE: We'll wait, we'll see. DR. LEE: Let's take it out here. DR. LEE: Look at it; it keeps going.

PATIENT: Probably had roots! DR. LEE: Look at that! DR. LEE: That's pretty cool! PATIENT: Wow. I don't.DR. LEE: Don't want that to fill up again. PATIENT: Idon't know that that's so quot;coolquot;, but.DR. LEE: lt;AMUSED GRUNTgt; lt;LAUGHgt; That was a good one. DR. LEE: lt;INSISTENTgt; It was a _good_ one! DR. LEE: Lift up, I can kind of see something under there. I'm trying to get better at this, with hair.

Some of them, last time, proved to be really frustrating. Just hard to grip it. Push this darn thing out. I see it under there.I see, I mean. Oop! There! Ooh, look at that one! That one came out. Feels like a little disc coing in there. It is like a little disc.

Like a little coin or something.PATIENT: Mmm hmm. Let me give it a little squeeze, see if That way.okay. SFX: lt;SQUIPgt; It was like a little river rock! This thing popped out like a little pebble! PATIENT: Oh my gosh! It's like a disc, it looks like a river rock.

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